Advice needed for new mobile build

Heyo, just need some simple advice.

I have my regular rig I built a couple of years ago that has some higher end hardware in it, but now I am looking for a cheaper, more mobile setup for on the go.

I still need it to be geared more towards gaming, but I don't have to run games at the max settings, I'd be happy with even medium settings as long as it runs smoothly.

My main problem is, I can't decide whether to build a smaller desktop setup, or just get a laptop, anyone have any good advice between the two?

Also my budget is around $600-$1000 max

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  1. Hmm when u say mobile : do u mean you *may* move from one room/place to another but a LCD monitor/display is stationed at one room at any one time or do you mean you have to do everything on the go?
  2. Sorry I should have been more specific, kinda doing this while bored at work :P

    But I mean moving everything from one place to another, I don't have a problem with moving a monitor, just the fact that my current tower weighs a ton is what bothers me.

    I know it would be much simpler to just go with a laptop, but I'm also a bit worried about the price to performance issue, also I've had bad experiences with overheating laptops.
  3. In that case for me a SFF/compact desktop is the best solution :P A big solid 23-24" display alone adds that much oomph to the gaming experience hehe
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    This is a $736AR simple stock/NO OC config - not sure u need a LCD display cost to be included but if you are fine with medium/less than max settings it would be plenty for a while ^^

    Edit : there is an additional $10 off with promo code for that i5 3450
  5. I'm still in the process of building a mITX gaming PC for my brother (waiting for the GTX 660Ti). I would probably get something better than an i3 on your budget, but you should easily be able to get some nice hardware that will outperform any laptop. Now that the CPUs and GPUs are using less power, it's easier to keep the components cool and quiet in smaller cases.
  6. Oh wow! That looks just about perfect for what I was looking for. And yeah I do have a spare monitor lying around somewhere lol. This is great, thank you very much! :D
  7. Also thank you for the info, boiler! I'll definitely consider micro form factor setups for some of my future builds now.
  8. Yep u are welcomed and happy shopping ^^
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