Worth the upgrade?

Hi guys!
I am currently running an i5-2500K on an asrock z77 pro 3 mobo.
I just wanted to know if there are any potential upgrades at the moment for the CPU and mobo, I use it mainly for gaming and everyday use.
Just wanted to know if the gain in performance would be worth the price, with the current components on the market.

The rest of my setup is HD6970, antec 750w and 8GB corsair vengance ram @ 1666, on 1680x1050.

Also, I've haven't been following the CPU market for awhile, am I correct in saying:
For intel: sandy bridge->ivy bridge-> whats next?
For AMD: bulldozer->pile driver-> then what's next?

Thanks guys!
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  1. Intel: Haswell
    AMD: Steamroller.

    No, there is no viable upgrade for the cpu. The gpu, however, could be bumped up to a 7870/7950.
  2. Have they released those CPUs yet? For intel and AMD.
    Thanks for the reply btw.
    Would I see much of an increase in performance with the gpu?
    And what's the go with higher end mobos, fatality, sniper, RoG etc. would they be viable?
  3. your cpu is more than powerful enough for gaming and other things, especially when overclocked. Also, at 1680/1080, your gpu is powerful enough as well. I wouldn't bother upgrading unless you go with a higher resolution monitor. In that case maybe a gtx 670/680, or a 7970.
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