PSU for HD6950 crossfire

i am currently using a HIS hd6950 1gb.. with
Asrock Z77 fatality pro
I5 2500k (stock)
8gb vengeance
Xigmatek Prime (Cooler)
Cooler master haf 922 with 5x fans
3tb hd sata

all being powered by a xigmatek NRP MC702 Modular psu...

now i am being offered a sapphire hd6950 dirt 3 edition (2gb) for a budget price....
will i be able to crossfire em on the xigmatek psu ?( note that this psu has good reviews)

ty in advance
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  1. Yes you can crossfire HD 6950s with it, and yea it got a great review and score from jonnyguru.
  2. Yes you should do fine, here total system power consumption under Furmark 509watts
  3. alrite fellas thnx to all of u.. ill go get the sapphire, wish i could select all 3 as best answers :P
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