Need new eyes on my coming rig

Hello out there, this is my virgin-message if you will, so be gentle ;)
As the title says i am going to make myself a new rig, i have a long list made up with all the parts i would like in it, and i have made a lot of research about every part on the list, but i just wanted some different eyes on it, so i am sure i haven't made any stupid mistakes (since i tend to do that sometimes).
I thought it was time since i will be ordering parts in a week or so.
Performance wise i am going to play Guild Wars 2 mostly, so no Crysis 2 100 fps machine here (but wouldn't mind be able to play games on that level of demanding, but should be able to that?), just want a solid machine for some good gaming experience, and i want it to be quite. I love my machine but i don't want to listen to it every time it's on. So here is the list, so give you thoughts about what i have found and tell if i missed something :na:

Mobo - ASUS P9X79 PRO
CPU - Intel i7 3820
CPU Cooling - Corsair H80
CPU Fans - Titan Kukri 120mm (these facts weight alot: they match the build, they are PWM)
RAM - Corsair Vengeance 4x2GB 1600Mhz quad kit (for the quad tech that comes with X79)
GTX Card - eVGA GTX 670 FTW
Sound - Using onboard, will maybe upgrade to dedicated in the future)
System SSD - OCZ Vertex 4 128GB
HDD - Seagate Barracuda 2TB
PSU - Sea Sonic X-760
Case - Fractal Design R4 Black
Case Fans - Xigmatek 140mm XAF LED Blue (They match and are also PWM)
Optic - Samsung SH-B123L

A different approach i have been thinking of is going with and Z77 instead, so i would change to these parts instead:

Mobo - ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe (looks extremely good)
CPU - Intel i5 3570k
Corsair - Dominator Platinum 2x4GB 1600Mhz (since Z77 is only dual channel, could have gone with cheaper rams, but they just look to smashing to ignore ;) )

The changes don't change much of the cost for me, maybe around 50$ or so it all depends on what would do best for my situation.

And going to be running this with a 24" 1080p Samsung monitor.
Some of the main things about all this, as you have maybe notice on my comments to some of the components i am kinda picky around the colorscheme and overall look in my case, since i will put a window sidepanel in once it's released, or mod it myself, so this does matter for me.
And as said i want i quiet so thats the reason for the PWM fans, which is really important for me since i don't want them to work if they don't need to.
Another thing about the fans, which is the thing that have cause me the most trouble is, i want PWM and LED for case fans, and i want them to match the whole thing.
Also i will be ordering 2 titan in case i need 2 for cooling, but prefer if i could run with 1, i will have 2 Xigmatek as front intake, and atleast one for exhaust in the top, again depending on how hot it gets.
I think i will also need to say, i won't be overclocking any of the parts in the machine, maybe it will come later, but atleast not for now, so don't need to futureproof it for that.
Since i am from Denmark i would like to buy as much as i can here, and for now all the parts except fans i can get here. But if needed i don't have problem ordering from other places.

Well guess that's it, if you need any more information please tell me so :D
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  1. I'm not very familiar with Denmark vendors, therefore I will offer you a build to be used as an example.

    There's no need to go for a lga 2011 based build for gaming. Let's stick with lga 1155.

    Try something like this...

    First of all, I'd stay away from the corsair all in one coolers. I'd go with a high end air cooler just to be safe. Lots of people are having trouble with the Corsair all in ones. Problems associated are typically noise and leaks.

    You can keep the case you were originally gonna go with. I just changed it to the Antec 1100. It already comes with a window, it's sleek, and has various mounting points for fans. Don't pay attention to pcpartpicker's price listing. This case is gonna cost you around $100. Also, keep in mind the top 200mm exhaust fan has blue LEDs. Don't wanna go for a particular color scheme and have it offset by a case fan. :)

    I also recommend you get RAM such as the gskill sniper I listed. You'll want low profile RAM so it doesn't interfere with your heatsink.

    The Asrock z77 mobo is packed full of features for a surprisingly low price.

    Feel free to change some of the parts to suit your preference.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

    Oops, just noticed you're going for a blue color scheme. so disregard my comment about the blue LED in the Antec case. It shouldn't be any trouble :D
  2. Thanks for the inputs, i will be looking at the info you have given and look into what changes i will be making, at least i know i will be going with z77 instead of x79, saves some of the cost, which i will probably use on a second monitor :D
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