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Will this graphic card work on my computer?

Will Geforce GTX 550 ti or Geforce GTX 460 work on my spec?
My computer have:

AMD Anthlon II X4 630 Processor
300w PSU
1360x768 resolution display
No advance cooling system such as liquid cooling installed.

If you need further information please tell me. I'm thankful to anyone who try to help me! TY! :)
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  1. I think you would need a bigger power supply to run those cards, unfortunately.
  2. Yep 300watt is to small but would run a HD6670 or HD7750 if modern.
  3. Then how many watt do I need? In addition, will I experience over heating problems if I use these cards?
  4. You could run up to a 6950 or GTX560ti before being bottlenecked by your processor.But as everyone else has said you will need to upgrade your PSU if you intend to use those cards.But depending on your budget perhaps you can get a better card...

    What's your budget for the PSU?

    What is your budget for the graphics card?
  5. you are probably cutting it close with a 430W PSU a 500-600W PSU would be the best bet
  6. My budget on PSU is around 30-50 dollars, and my budget on graphic card is around 100-140.
  7. How about CoolerMaster eXtreme Power Plus RS-500-PCAR-A3 Power supply - 500 Watt
  8. GTX550 demands 400watt and 460 450watt based on generic crap PSU's.
  9. I think what rolli59 meant what the CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 V2 is the best Power Supply for the money.
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    For $140 I would suggest the 6850.It's faster than a GTX550ti and a GTX460.It's also light on power.

    Powercolor 6850

    For $50 I would suggest these PSU's...

    Antec NEO 400watt

    Corsair CX430V2

    This would be my ultimate recommendation for a PSU if you can spare the extra money for the MIR.
  11. Yep that ZS is a nice unit with power to spare.
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