Need help upgrading a Q8200 desktop


My old desktop started giving erros the other day and someone from the forums suggested it might be a capacitor problem. I was thinking of upgrading some the components in it anyway so thought I might ask your support in deciding the various new parts to go in.

I will obviously need a new motherboard (thinking about the Asus P5G41T-M LX).
With this board (or anohter that supports DDR3 memory) I am thinking of getting 2x4Gb memmory modules at 1333Mhz.

After this I have no idea... I am hinking of getting a graphics card (current desktop has none) and a PSU to support it (currently equipped with a 300W PSU)... I would appreciate your thoughts on a a good graphics card (preferrably the best that the proposed motherboard, CPU and RAM setup can handle) and one that I can use without bottlenecking the CPU or anything else.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You may need a windows coa, which could be a deal breaker. At some point, it's cheaper to sell off your old stuff and start over. If you decide to upgrade anyway, here's some suggestions: (sell the 8200 on craigslist; it's worth $75-85 used)

    The video card I selected should work fine with your 300w power supply. I usually replace the cpu and motherboard at the same time; you may problems with your cpu you won't find out until you order the board; then you have to return parts.
  2. An OCed Q8xxx chip is not bad but at the cost of a higher end/enthusiast LGA 775 board and if u are buying 8GB DDR3, i think overhauling might well be the better move ^^
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