ATI 6950 Cat 12.4 Dual monitors, primary desktop switches on rebppt

I have two monitors on a radeon 6950.
One is a 24" Samsung connected via HDMI. It identifies itself as Monitor 1
The new one is a 28" Viewsonic connected with an DVI to D-SUB adapter. It identifies as monitor 2.

I go into CCC, Desktop Management, Creating and Arranging Desktops. I right-click Monitor 2 (which is correctly on the right) and click make primary. Screens flash, and now my task bar and desktop icons are all in front of me on the Viewsonic. Everything is peachy, that was easy to do, right!

Everytime I reboot, after I login my desktop is still on the Viewsonic, then about ten seconds in (I'm certain it's when CCC is starting) my desktops POP switch, so the HDMI 24" Samsung to my left is suddenly the primary desktop. I go back into CCC "Creating and Arranging Desktops" and yep, the white asterisk indicating "primary" is back on monitor 1 (the samsung). I right click 2, click Make Primary, my desktop moves back over, and the white asterisk is on 2. All good -- until I reboot and do it all over again.

Why is CCC not retaining my settings between reboots??
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  1. Didn't solve my problems. I've just made short cut key to swap primaries, that's working good enough.
  2. Well my Viewsonic vx2835wm died anyway. So I guess problem sad, though, the 28" was beautiful :( And the capacitor kits are about $50 including shipping, hours of work, and according to an expert has only a 50/50 chance of fixing it. What a bummer :(
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