Checking compatability

Hey,i need you guyz to check the compatability:

NZXT Switch 810
XFX ProSeries P1-1000
2TB Western Digital 7200RPM Sata 3
Intel 520 120GB SSD
ASRock X79 Extreme 9
G.Skill Z Series
Intel Core I7-3930K
Geforce GTX 680

I also plan to water cool,i plan to do the build with blue lights,i wanted to do it with 360mm rad at the top and a 240mm rad at the bottom.Could you make me a list of water cooling parts that i will need?I want good performance with reasonable silence,if possible fans with blue LED,blue tubing,blue water :D,also i want a full cover block on the GTX 680.I never ever water cooled any pc,but there's first time for everything :D

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  1. Technically everything is compatible, but what is the purpose of the build?
  2. 1: id get a asus rampage 4 formula board or the rampage 4 extreme instead. asus is always my choice for x79

    2:no go on the ram. 2133mhz ram has like 2-4% performance increase over 1600mhz ram. just go grab a set of gskil ares 4x4gb 1600mhz. pick the one with cas8 if you want a bit more performance. do not buy ram with 1.65v

    3: Intel SSDs arent worth it. just go and get a crucial 128gb or a samsung 830 128gb. at this level, id suggest 256gb

    personally, id never water cool since it isnt worth the large price for me and all the tubing and maintenance. if you are going to set up a watercooling loop, you may want to ask the people over at the watercooling section of these forums
  3. GTX 680 not worth it.

    Get a GTX 670, and if you absolutely must, overclock it to reach 680 levels.

    The 680 gives you such a little performance bump for such much money. Not worth it.

    Save 100$.
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