Sapphire or HIS IceQ graphics card- Amd HD6870

I wanted to know if the IceQ was worth the extra $10 plus another $10 for shipping than the Sapphire or is there a better 6870 with better bang for buck?
Amd Phenom 2 - 975 be
coolermaster hyper 212+
cm storm enforcer case
4 gbs vengeance ram
gigabyte ga-990xa-ub3
geforce 8400-gs
modxstream-pro 700w
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  1. Sapphire.

    $20 isn't worth it for a cooler.
  2. The Sapphire is the best deal at the moment.
  3. HIS is a great company. If all things were equal I would say HIS (but they are not). For $20 cheaper I think I would have to go with Sapphire. Especially for a card in this price range.
  4. I have a Sapphire 6870 flex edition, and after reading a few reviews on this card, it seems they both have similar single fan cooling solutions, very very quiet and very cool.

    Also don't know if this does, but my Sapphire allows for volt modding via the Sapphire Trixx overclock utility, allowing for much more stable overclocking options in the future.

    +1 Sapphire. Very happy with mine.
  5. Thank's ill get the sapphire, and Teh_Gerbil, how much is the flex edition?
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