GPU now or later?

Hey guys!

I am almost done with collecting all the parts for my gaming build. I have everything but the GPU and I'm trying to decide between buying a 7950 now or a gtx 660ti when it comes out. I want to wait for it to come out, so I can see how the price/performance balances out between the two cards.

The problem is, I need to put my build together with what I have so far to test out all the parts and make sure nothing is DOA. Will I be okay doing this without a discreet video card? And will I be okay setting everything up and then adding the 660ti/7950 later?

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  1. What motherboard and CPU are you using? If you're running Sandy / Ivy Bridge you can use the onboard Intel HD video until you get your GPU. I don't think the 660TI will match the 7950 but the other Keppler cards have proven me wrong so far. :lol:
  2. apparantly, some article on this site said that the 660ti will have as many cuda cores as the 670 but on a smaller memory bus and lower core clock. they also say that the performance should beat the 580
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