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Monitor goes to sleep when playing diablo 3

i just upgraded my gpu to a gtx 550 ti to play diablo 3. after 5 to ten minutes of play the monitor would go to sleep but the pc is still running.i really need to know why is doing that and what can i do to resolve it.
motherboard-biostar ta785g3 hd onboard 4200
ram-8 gig
2 dvd drive
500w psu
running on 19 inch 1400 x 900 res.
need help guys.
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  1. start menu -> type power -> choose power options -> change plan settings (on currently selected power plan -> change put monitor to sleep to never, same with sleep
  2. i put everything to never still goes to sleep after couple of minutes of playing time. do you think i need to upgrade my psu?
  3. No power supply doesn't have anything to do with it. If your psu was insufficient you pc would completely power off. What brand is it anyways?

    Did you completely sweep your old drivers and install the latest nvidia drivers?
  4. probably not let me do that real quick. how do i remove all the drivers? programs or device managers?
  5. I am thinking it may be a driver problem.
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    use driver sweeper, boot into safe mode, wipe your video drivers. Boot into normal windows and reinstall drivers
  7. when it turns off can you still do stuff like turn the caps lock on and off (check ur keyboard light)

    if you cannot then its not going to sleep but your experiencing a crash.
    most prob related to your graphics card or graphics card driver
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  9. ok i run the driver sweeper and removed all the display drivers. so far no monitor sleep. will update tomorrow thank you all for the feedback . i wish i can select all of you guys as a best answer .
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