Which case is better

Antec Eleven Hundred vs Antec LanBoy air.
which case is has better quality , Air flow , enough space, less cons (if it has) ?
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  1. 1100.
    Looks less dorky. Works just as well. You do intend to have women around right?
  2. Well... the LanBoy air does have great air flow.And i mean amazing but it looks an awful lot like LEGO.
  3. Woah, the Antec Lanboy looks like a beast. Amazing airflow. The space seems normal, unless you plan on putting a body in there. After reading some of the reviews, people say its worth a buy. Overall, a great case if you plan on hardcore gaming ;)

    The Antec Eleven doesn't have the greatest cooling, against the Lanboy, space seems normal. The window is great if you plan on showing anyone, or just to look inside and see how everything is going. Looks more professional, just like a normal case. A good case if you plan on using it for a Facebook machine, or just normal gaming ;)

    In all, I would get the Antec Lanboy Air because i like my components nice and cooool... With a alien like look.
  4. ^What he said. EXTREME is the operative word here.
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