Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 vs Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 OC

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    any card that a company can OC, you can OC better :D

    some companies do select binned chips for OC products but those are ususally the toxic/atom editions ....
  2. what do you mean with binned?
  3. itsmenando said:
    what do you mean with binned?

    Semiconductor manufacturing is an imprecise process, means that not all the Physical GPUs are the same, you can Overclock a certain GPU to a certain level, and another GPU with the same specs can't get to the same level.
    Higher binned means that the company chose specific GPUs & tested it, that are free from errors to give the best results.

    In your case it won't matter too much, chose the cheapest and you'll be able to OC it to the same level of the other card.
  4. There's also power to consider. parts will use different amounts of power to achieve the same results. So the very best chips can attain a high performance at low power/heat, and go into top tier products that cost more, but can be pushed harder.

    As dragon said, shouldn't make a difference here. they'd have to be pushing a major overclock its unlikely you could achieve on your own for binning to be happening. more than.likely they just turned up the clock a little since the 7xxxs overclock so well. and you can to that yourself
  5. Okay, So in simple words, which one i should take?
  6. Go with the cheapest. The first one.
  7. Ok, just asking, is there a difference between atx and micro atx, obviously in addition from the size, like is one better than the other?
  8. Yes. ATX mobos have additional features and components, Micro ATX mobos are limited in both function and components.
  9. i recently bought the standard sapphire 7850, found it was able to overclock to 1000/1375 without any tampering with the voltage, very nice card to be fair, havent had an issue for over a month now with these speeds, and am using it mainly to play BF3, skyrim, all on full,
  10. I'd go with HD 7850 OC.

    The 7850 OC Edition features all of the newest technologies that AMD has to offer with a factory overclock and improved cooler.

    The overclock sets the core to 920MHz over the stock 860MHz speeds and the memory has set to 5000MHz effective over the stock 4800MHz setting.

    The other improvement is the addition of the Dual-X cooler.

    This cooler has been used on many other Sapphire products and features reduced noise output with improved temperatures.
  11. @Nikorr
    Both are the same version.
  12. Right, but the OC version has upgraded cooling, doesn't it?
  13. I don't think so, do you?
  14. The factory OC'd edition mostly include better cooling vs non-OC'd.

    It says it in the reviews.
  15. I didn't even hit Google for a research but the 2 cards looks the same, don't think that there's a customized cooler on both. And Sapphire coolers are well known. It's just a little factory OCed with $10 premium to increase profit xD
  16. question: can i still OC the OCed version even more?
  17. Ok should just go with the OCed one since its just 10 dollars more and it wont have anything worth maybe just better, an scince im new to computerstuff i dont wanna to OC myself
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