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I suppose the main reason I've created my account, would be that I may get a more perspective opinion from a more knowledgeable community. I'm looking into purchasing an adapter for my desktop (Preferably N based to cover the distance), but I'm too unfamiliar with most of the minor and major companies that focus on wifi technology based products. A friend had suggested a USB adapter from the first link below, and based off of the specs and the reviews, I am tempted. But... I have this unsureness when it comes to USB adapters fore wireless use, as to their strength of connection, and dependability for long term use.


This is the one referred by my friend.


This would be the nic that I am using at the moment. As of late, I've been suffering major packet losses. These events of packet losses have significantly increased over the past few weeks, and I've had enough of the strenuous issues that come with trying to resolve the issue at hand. I've only recently come to the conclusion that it is the nic's defectiveness that would be the cause, as my computer has so kindly pointed out that it is having troubles, simply getting the card to work at all, forcing me to do a full computer restart, so that I may fully restart the card as well in order to try again with my connection.

I do not mind if the next card I use is another nic, or if it's usb. I just want clarity... for once... please.

On another note, to save typing for those who suggests a wired connection for my internet needs. The distance between my room, makes even a 100 foot cord, either too short (I feel this to be unlikely), or more of a hazard to those in the house when making their way around (which is my primary concern). Until I can get another method of connectivity, I'm forced to be wireless for now.

I'd appreciate any information someone can give to a novice like myself.

One last note. If one were to make a suggestion, my budget limit ranges from $70-100. With christmas coming up, I'm trying to limit my spending, since the possible christmas gifts I may go after, will cost a bit more than that.
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  1. Generally PCIe cards perform better, but when there is an issue they are harder to diagnose, where as USB you can unplug and plug it back in, the USB one can use universal windows driver (I build PC's and when someone needs wireless you can use wireless the second you install windows even if you don't have an internet connection to download windows). Generally, most peoples complaint about the range of wireless cards has to do with their own short sightedness, if you computer does not have movable antennas (attached by wire, not screw ins on the back of the PCIe slot) then when your PC is under a desk it will have a lesser connection! Also, most issues are people incorrectly installing drivers or there is not a driver out yet. I have a Gigabyte wireless N and Bluetooth 4.0 adapter and there are complaints left and right, but when I go to the manufacturer site myself and get the latest driver instead of using the CD, it works without a single issue. The TP link card has good specs and they make decent stuff as long as you get their id or high end products (that wireless card) but if you PC is packed under a desk it will not work that well, look for one with cabled antennas like one of these models:


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