Need some help with a PCIE USB 3 card

I picked up this card recently and unfortunately when I got it home I found out that theres NO documentation with it at all.
There is 1 mini CD that has 2 folders on it and thats it. To make matters worse, when you run the programs, they aren't in English. I ran both programs and I think they installed OK but I can't say for sure since nothing is in English. The problem I'm having is that even though I installed the software, the USB ports are only giving me USB 2.0 speeds. (Yes I used a USB 3.0 device to test it)

The company name is about the only solid info I have for this thing. Renesas. It has 2 USB 3.0 ports and thats about it.

The 2 folders on the CD are labelled "302808" and "driver".
The name of the file in the "302808" folder is "F302808FWUP1.exe"
The name of the file in the "driver" folder is "USB3_allOS_2.1.16.0_NEC_PV.exe"

Does anyone out there know where I need to go to get updated drivers/firmware, and maybe some English instructions? Or maybe, does anyone know whats causing this problem? :)

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  1. I found a more up to date driver for this thing.

    USB3.0_allOS_2.1.28.1_PV.exe instead of USB3_allOS_2.1.16.0_NEC_PV.exe

    I started to install it but came to a screen that I'm not sure what to do since its not in english. Can anyone translate this for me? I don't want to just guess because I think thats what caused my problems in the first place.



    EDIT: I found a way to force the driver to display in english and installed it, but my problem hasn't gone away. I'm still only getting USB 2.0 speeds. :(

    At this point I'm not sure what to try so I'll list the device I'm trying to use to test USB 3.0 incase its known to have problems.

    I'm using a WD 2TB My Book Essential. It says right on the box, and in other areas that it supports USB 3.0 + USB 2.0

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