[Solved?]Video card power connector and motherboard questions

Hello,I have a Zogis GTS 250. The 1GB one, with eight "power connector holes", though I don't know if there are any grounded holes. I also have a 6+2 pin connector was previously there.

I know for a fact that if I connect it correctly the card will work, however I suspect there is a chance of breaking something if I do it wrong, so no trial- and-error here. How do I do this? I must be certain I am doing this right. Or that trial-and-error is viable.

For the motherboard part of this post :

1)Is it possible to take a motherboard speaker from a motherboard and use it on a different one?

2)I can't get my HDD LED jumper to work. Tips? I think I got it, I was disregarding the polarity, but I would like some help just in case.

Thank you.
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  1. What motherboard do you have? Some motherboards have the HDD Led jumper labeled. But it's possible you may have it in the wrong spot.

    Also a 6+2 will work.
  2. Well, you cannot really connect the 8 pin connector wrong because all the holes are not the same and it would just not go in upside down. There is absolutely nothing to fear - you cannot do it wrong. The only way you could ruin it is trying to start computer without plugging the connector.

    For your other questions.

    1) Yes, of course.
    2) Sorry, I'm not experienced in that thing but I think that it should work as long as you connect the + and - correctly.
  3. I'm going to try to connect the HDD LED shortly.

    I think I asked the wrong question... I am unsure if I am supposed to use all of the connectors or just 6 of them. In this case would there be a possibility of breaking?
  4. Use all of them. 6 pins can only supply 75 watts of power, however, 8 pins can supply 150 watts.
  5. Thank you guys, it worked. Though I was only able to fit the 6 pin, I don't know if it was just me or if the empty holes are grounded, and I won't be removing the video card to check for a while (as the case is a quite a mess) unless there is a issue with this. I still messed up the HDD LED, upon research it appears I still misunderstood polarity. However now I think I will get it right.

    edit: I put the HDD LED correctly, before I had this insane thought that changing the connector side was changing the polarity, but fortunately I snapped out of it
  6. Alright that's good it worked :)
  7. I'm glad I helped you solve it :).
  8. You will need to connect the other two pins to that vid card, cause as soon as you stress it and it needs the power it will probly crash imo...
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