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AMD 3870K + GTX 680

I want to buy GTX 680 soon.
My CPU is AMD 3870K and ASUS F1A55 M LE
my question is will my gtx 680 bottleneck ???
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  1. Yes an APU (A8) will bottleneck any high-end GPU..

    what in bloody hell were u thinking pairing an APU with a GTX 680
  2. Not likely, at least at most resolutions you will hit 60fps or higher on maximum settings on all current games.

    As most games are highly gpu dependent you will enjoy your gaming for years to come.. Enjoy!
  3. How about AMD fx 6100 + GTX 680?
    Is it still bottleneck??
  4. The FX8120 is a slight bottleneck at stock speeds but when O.C.'d it should lessen the bottleneck.

    What games are you looking to play and at what resolution?

    How high have you been able to O.C. your 3870k?
  5. what is your rig recommendation so that the gtx 680 is not bottleneck.
    For AMD rig and Intel rig.
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    apu, 8120, 6100 will bottleneck the 680 at varying degrees. they bottleneck a 7970 which is slower than 680 typically.,3120-10.html
    if you want to get a cpu which won't bottleneck a 680, an intel core i5 2500k/2550k or i5 3570k or higher would be the best bet.
    from amd, may be phenom ii x4 980 or x6 1100t. but sandy bridge and ivy bridge cpus will perform better still.
    this month's $2000 sbm build uses a gtx 680 with an i7 3770k -,3212.html
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  8. thanks for your answer dude.. :)
  9. thanks for the vote. i hope it helped you a bit. good luck. :)
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