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i need a budget cpu for gaming .i will be going with the msi 7770 ,8gb XMS3 rams but confused between core i3 3220 & fx6100 .i will be running 1-2 apps while gamming (so amd's more cores better ? coz battlefield3 require 4cores ?
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  2. Well if you're going to play multiplayer, then you should look into a cheap AMD motherboard and either a FX 8120 or a FX 6300.
    If i remember correctly Battlefield 3 was the only game capable of utilizing 8 cores, which made AMD's FX 8 cores perform as well or better than Intel's Core i5's.

    But if you do care about your electricity bill, then Intel is the obvious choice.Just make sure you don't buy a Core i3 since you'll realy feel the two cores struggling in multiplayer.
  3. Get the AMD FX 6300 its only 95 watt and 6 cores with good performance.
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