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Hello everyone!

Recently, one of the front fans for my Antec 300 broke and I was trying to replace it with another 120 mm fan. I then realized that I had thrown away one of the front fan mounts/grills :cry: Would anyone know a replacement solution to this so that I can mount my fan? I checked Antec's website on spare parts but couldn't find anything.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. When you say the mounts and grills, do you mean the screws and air filter? You can buy these aftermarket (check out, but I don't know how well they'd fit.

    Antec should have the spare parts. You may need to call customer service though. Worst case I guess you could tell them that something failed in the case and ask them to replace it.
  2. He's talking about the front fan doors. Sorry I can't help any further.
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    Ah, ok thanks k1114. Yeah, OP I think your best bet is Antec. If they don't straight up sell the spares, as you imply, then speak to their customer service to see how to resolve it.

    ETA: I've been doing some Google searches to try and help you out, and it looks like you're right, there's nowhere to buy them. Call customer service and/or tech support, I bet they can help you.
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  5. Thanks for everyone's help. I did contact Antec through email and I think I may have had success!
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