Is Crucial worth it?

I'm about to get 256mb DDR 2100 RAM from either Crucial or Kingston. The Crucial is about 50% more expensive, but also able to reach 300mhz.

Does this only have an impact if I OC the FSB, or will it give an overall increase in performance?

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  1. With Crucial, you're always guaranteed <b>reliability</b> and performance.

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  2. Isn't Kingston supposed to be reliable as well?

    Will I actually get an performance increase going with Crucial ?
  3. Yes, Kingston is good as well - they will run well at up to the claimed speed, but their overclockability seems to be a little lower most of the time.

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  4. So, bottom line is:

    As long as I don't OC, they will give me equal performance?
  5. I can't say that would be <i>for sure</i>, but I can say that in that case, in the mere chance that there is a difference, it shouldn't be noticeable at all to the average user (unless you've got a bad DIMM or something).

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  6. does any1 know how much crucial pc2100 can o/c to?
  7. so youre not going to buy pc2100 from crucial but pc2400 (which is 150/300 fsb...) id go for the crucial... youd be able to run it cas 2 and if you get a 150 fsb cpu in the future itll lower upgrade costs... if you can afford it now, get it...

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  8. Crucial is currently ofering Free 2nd day shipping. Check out their web site.
  9. I had crucial 2100 nice and stable at 150 cas-2, and that was with 2 sticks in, so unless i was very lucky..

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