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December 8, 2012 5:58:18 PM

. A PSU is needed for a DAW (quiet as possible) build with an expected power consumption of up to 350W nominal. After factoring in future possibilities, it looked like a ~450W unit is workable but am budgeted for ~$60. Prefer: 80 Plus, low noise, reliable. Below are examples from the vast PSU array being scrutinized.
. NewEgg lists the XFX P1-450S-X2B9 PSU as being 80 Plus Bronze, but I can't verify certification. Same ad claims 105°C Japanese caps, but the XFX website, states "High Reliable 105°C Japanese Capacitors: No". Is this normal background "creative marketing"?
. Another PSU brand @ directron is Solid Gear who makes the SDGR-450BR & SDGR-550BR models. As with others, I can't seem to verify 80 Plus certification, reviews, or user borne comments to support ad claims or it they're a waste of coins.
. Can anyone here vouch for the performance/reliability of these PSU models or point me to some overlooked links? Any other label/model PSU suggestions are surely welcomed.

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a c 1663 ) Power supply
December 8, 2012 6:56:22 PM

Bejusek said:
XFX is a way to go for sure. Basically it's a SeaSonic S12II sold as XFX, it has Chemicon 105C capacitors and exceeds 80 plus bronze specification. Have a read:

All of those links are for the old model.

On XFX's webpage it states that the P1-450S-X2B9 uses capacitors rated up to 85°C. I wouldn't go by what shows.

Solid Gear SDGR-450BR has obtained 80 PLUS Silver efficiency rating according to Ecova Plug Load Solutions 80 PLUS Certified Power Supplies list.

Solid Gear SDGR-550BR has obtained 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency rating.

I haven't seen any professional reviews of Solid Gear PSUs. Their +12V rail's capacity is lower than that of a reputable name brand PSU with the same total Wattage as when compared to a Seasonic PSU for instance.
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December 8, 2012 7:37:42 PM

There are two versions of the XFX ProSeries 450W Core Edition. The XFX P1-450S-X2B9 (V2) is very likely to be using the same internals as the P1-450S-XXB9 / XPS-450W-SEW (V1), just with a difference cable configuration.
However the fact that the P1-450S-X2B9 hasn't been reviewed means there is some question mark as to what internal components XFX have used for the V2.

The two Solid Gear PSUs you mentioned are 80 Plus certified, as can be seen on Ecova's website:
However, just because a unit is 80 Plus certified doesn't mean that it is high quality, performs well or is quiet.

As far as I'm concerned this is the best choice:
Rosewill Capstone-450
As it is very high quality, independantly regulated (the XFX is group regulated), very high efficiency, slow fan speed (= higher chance of low noise).

Reviews for other units in the Capstone series (the 450W version just uses a lower wattage version of the same design, so performance will be similar, if not better):
December 9, 2012 2:31:56 AM

. Much obliged for your observations and input, especially about the independent regulation used in the Capstone models. Apparently the main +12V rail also feeds separate DC-DC circuits that output the +5V and +3.3V rails. All in all, looks like quite a solid design for the money. Odds are that any PSU in this DAW would see around a 350W load tops, so I'm guessing a Capstone 450W would probably remain relatively quiet. The 450W Capstone at Newegg never seems to wander too far past the limits of my wallet. Thanks again.