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Sorry if this question has been asked before but I could not find a clear cut answer for my needs. A few days ago my power went out while I was on my desktop so I decided to invest in a UPS because I do not want my computer components becoming damaged. How do I decide how many watts and VAs I need?

My System:

Intel Core i7-3770k
nVidia GTX 670
Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H
Lg 15-Inch Monitor
8Gigs of 1866 DDR3
Corsair H100i cooler (Do not have yet but planning on getting)
Corsair 700 GS PSU

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  1. It really depends on how much backup time you want.

    A 600VA would give you about an hour.

    As a rule I keep it to a 1.5VA to 1W for a decent power backup time. but if all you need is a few minutes to save and turn off your system and surge protection even a 500VA will do...
  2. Don't go any lower than 700VA.

    I would recommend 1000VA to handle some future system upgrades.

    The battery backup run time will depend on the load you are drawing at the time of the power interruption event.

    You can set the UPS application to perform an orderly shutdown of the system when a certain level of remaining battery reserve capacity is reached.
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