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Hello all,
I have decided to upgrade my cooling from my H100 to a full liquid loop. I have a Haf XM case and do not have major water cooling abilities. I was thinking of buying the XSPC RayStorm 750 RS240 WaterCooling Kit and adding a 140mm rad at the back of my case so I have a total of 360mm of cooling surface area. Would this kit with the added rad be able to cool my 2700k and GTX 670 (NOTE: The block required for my GPU is a 680 since my card is a non-reference PCB). Can you recommend parts or something of the like?

Thanks very much! :D
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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHNFhTAvvBA

    Check this parts they used. And in part 3 you have the temps
  2. you should be good. which 670 do you have? if its a totally custom design, a 680 block wont help at all
  3. I truth I feel the GPU's today have such good coolers on them already that they really do not need water cooling. Unless you are going for looks more that performance I would skip water cooling the GPU but that just me. I was going to water cool my Sapphire HD 6950>6970 at one point but ultimately skipped it.

    As for the RayStorm I have found it to be a very good block. I have upgraded my system with that block and the RX240 rad for my AMD FX-8120 and FX-8350 rigs.

    If you go for cooling the GPU as well make completely sure that a 680 block will fit correctly on your 670. You said it is a non-reference PCB do you mean it is a 680 reference PCB?
  4. Yes, I have the Gigabyte windforce 670, which uses the 680 PCB. I plan on cooling the GPU for the silence that watercooling brings.
  5. the windforce is already pretty silent.
  6. If I want cool it and my cpu how much radiator space should I have?
  7. id try to get 4 120mm mounts worth. but 3 should be suffice
  8. Well check the link i sent you. He says its not important if fans are pushing or pulling air.
  9. Is it worth just cooling the CPU from an H100?
  10. depends. you can get a little more juice out of your i7 by doing custom
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