Will this let my computer have two fans?

This is what I'm going to buy:
which has a 2 fan connector and heatsink from mulex and motherboard

my motherboard has 1 fan header and 1 heatsink header will this make so i can plug in both fans?
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  1. What is your motherboard? Most MBs these days have two CPU PWM fan headers (one for CPU_FAN and one for CPU_OPT on my Asus Z77) in addition to any others for case fans.

    But yes, reading the description, this will allow you to run three PWM fans from a single PWM header. Just make sure you're buying PWM fans and not standard 3-pin fans.
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    Ok, taking a look at that MB, it looks like you only have one PWM controller, which is the one for the CPU fan. The splitter that you're buying will let you run three fans off of that, but one will have to be your CPU fan (as indicated in the product description). So yeah it looks good!
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