Driver crashing on EVGA GTX 670

Hey there.

Having a really annoying issue with my brand new EVGA GTX 670 2GB card (normal version, no SC or FTW etc.).

After putting my system together, I have noticed my display drivers crashing. I am getting a error message which says "display driver has crashed and recovered" in the bottom right of my screen. The display driver never crashes I'm actually playing games (talking Skyrim and BF3 here), but it ALWAYS crashes after I exit one of the games. Sometimes it also crashes on the desktop even though I haven't exited a game.

As you see, the display driver never crashes while the card is working hard, but only when it's "throttling down" or not doing much work.

ASUS P8Z77-V, PCIE gen 3
Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600MHz
Corsair HX750W PSU

Things I have tried:
-tried both the 301.25 and 301.42 drivers - both crashes. I have installed them after completely removing the other driver. I'm doing everything in safe mode and using driver sweeper.
-making a custom fan profile in EVGA Precision.
-re-seating the card in the PCIE slot
-bunch of other small things, can't remember that much

When the display driver crashes the screen will go black for 1-2 second and then come back with a message saying "display driver has crashed and recovered". Sometimes the crashes happen many times in a row, which forces me to reboot my computer, or they just happen once, which lets me continue to use my computer after the crash.

The card performs just as good as I expected, even after the crashes, but these crashes are really pissing me off!
What do you think? Could it be something wrong with the card itself? Driver issue? Do I need to return the card?

Anyone got any tips? Post 'em!

Please ask for more details if you need to.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Try to set the PCIe slot from PCIe 3.0 to PCIe 2.0 in the BIOS.
  2. randomkid said:
    Try to set the PCIe slot from PCIe 3.0 to PCIe 2.0 in the BIOS.

    Thanks for the tip. However, my card is already on its way back to the shop I bought it from.

    Also, when I'm spending that much money on a brand new video card I want my PCI-E 3.0 to work properly (yes, I know the difference isn't that big).

    Will probably be buying a new card of the same type. If that doesn't work either, I will definitely try your suggestion (if I haven't already, can't remember all of the things I did ;) )
  3. I am having the same exact issue. I have the same exact card but the Asus Sabertooth Z77 MB. PCI-E 3.0. My card will not work at all now. It will boot to windows only if the driver is uninstalled . I went through all the steps you did and can only find that the card is bad. It does the same thing on my older PC. This will be my 2nd GTX 670 return. Did your return work out??

  4. Everything worked fine when I got a new card, yeah. If it does the same thing with your older PC, it's definitely the card. Go return it.
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