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i have just upgraded my system to an AMD Phenom x4 955 cpu with a Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P mobo and as my current gt 430 oc is not a gaming card as such i wanted to upgrade im really into the crossfire and sli gpus as it helps gain better performance in game.

i wanted to ask what would be the cheapest crossfire card for under £100 that supports crossfire and will be good for playing BF3 and other FPS's

i was looking at getting two AMD Readeon 6850 1gb gdr5.

but i would like your opinion on that
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  1. Generally you don't want to crossfire 2 mid range gpus off the bat, its better to buy one high end card so you can extend the life of the card further later on with another.

    I would grab a 6950/560ti/6970/570 depending on price range. (in that order, price to performance.)

    You also have to keep in mind micro stuttering issues with xfire/sli.

    Also grabbing 2 cards in crossfire wouldn't give you a static 2x performance boost, it would be more along the lines of 1.4~1.8 depending on cards series.
  2. Agree with Mouse24. I myself will only recommend considering CF if the OP already own at least one of the cards. But for any new purchase, it is better to get the single most powerful card one can afford.
  3. why not try a HD7850 and later in life make a crossfire, that should work nice
  4. Let me be honest with you, you don't want to Crossfire the 6850. Get 1 more powerful card. I have a 6850, and in some games my CPU is becoming an issue. I have a C2Q Q8300, which is only 1 tier lower on the chart:,3106-5.html

    This is unless you OC, which could squeeze more performance out. Still, never crossfire 2 mid-range cards unless you already have 1.
  5. my budget is only £100 on a graphics card and i don't want nvidia i prefer AMD and well what is the best amd card for £100 like the best bang for my buck?
  6. how about a AMD Radeon 6870
  7. I run a 6870 on my system pushing a 30inch monitor and it works well. Of course I cant turn up all the eye candy due to playing at 2650x1600 but the game still looks great. A friend is on a 24inch and playing at 1920x1080 on a 6870 and he has everything cranked to ultra. 6870 is a good card imo.

  8. I have two 6850s in xfire. At 1920X1080 these have incredible performance, nearly everything runs at highest settings or nearly there. I think the price is reasonable too. Just don't expect to overclock them much, in my experience they're pretty much at their performance ceiling at stock speeds.
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