Question about restarting computer too much?

So I have an i5 3570K which I finally found the right settings for in overclock, however in order to attain this, I probably restarted 20 times in less than 2 minutes...(The memory kept freezing, so i had to change a few things in order for it to work) This is all possible due to my wonderful SSD....But I'm afraid my SSD will burn out faster due to this. My ocing quest lasted maybe 3 days, of this on and off restarting....(finally found out my memory was the problem, so i bought a pair of G skill 8gb 21.33mhz) and evertyhing is working wonderful now. So what do you guys think?
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  1. Nothing will happen, computers are built to be turned on and off. Your SSD is fine so long as you have TRIM on, even if you didn't you'll probably replace it for one with more storage in a few years.
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