I picked up the new A10 APU yesterday afternoon and put together a new box for myself. Having Adequate cooling is important and I have plenty fans in my new case some I had to add myself for a little case modification. Running the Stock Heat sink and fan on the chip I decided to play around in the bios Which for my board ASUS F2-A85-M is pretty Whiz bang for what I am used to its been several years since I've upgraded forgive my for my sins. When running BF3 and Planetside 2 I noticed that The CPU temperature went up to 60 degree Centigrade. I only OC up to 4ghz as I wanted to be careful does this APU just naturally tend to runway hot even on a slight oc??
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  1. At those settings and the slight overclock, that temp is about right. A little warm but it is to be expected out of the APU. If I were you I would pick up a cpu cooler. As it is the Hyper 212 would be your best bet. However, it is important to know your chassis. Coming in at 160mm it is not always friendly to cases.
  2. hey thanks. I would definitely have to upsize the case for that,Which more or less will be happening in the near future anyhow. Good Lil cpu though my last was machine was a Intel Q8200 but them 775 sockets are going the way of the Dodo it was time to move on.
  3. Yea I feel the A10 is a fine choice, Good Luck. Some good low profile coolers here too

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