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After going through a few pages of the search I couldn't quite find a problem similar to mine, at least with the wording I was using. Back in December I purchased a Radeon HD 6950 GPU as well as a AMD Phenom II X4 970 Black Edition 3.5GHz CPU, and since then I've been having a very strange issue with my screen.

Randomly, but always during a full-screen game the screen will decide to shift itself. By this, I mean my screen seems to push itself over, so that what once was at the bottom right of the screen is now at the bottom left. If I scroll my mouse to the far right of the screen, it will jump over to the left side where that section of the screen now is. This has continued to occur after numerous driver updates which I've been keeping up with since purchasing the card. A less extreme version of this sometimes occurs where just a few pixels from the bottom of my screen will shift to the top.

Related information:
Screen shots will show my screen as normal
Streaming will show my screen as normal

I have terrible quality pictures of this from a cell phone if my description of the problem was insufficient.
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  1. It sounds like the issue is in your monitor, have you tried doing a factory reset on the monitor? I have seen this issue on laptops and have had to replace the LCD to repair the issue.

  2. I have tried that, and afterwards the problem remained until restarting my computer.
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