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Alright so here's my situation: I'm a guy who likes to play minecraft and I play this server where you're technically only supposed to have 1 account with access to the server. Since it is an economy server I farm wheat and the like by virtualizing 4 virtual machines with VMware workstation 8 and using a vpn to connect from different ips hence avoiding ban. Right now I have a i5-2500k with an asrock z68 extreme 3 gen 3 motherboard, the i5 is running at 4.5 ghz 50 c under load, and two sli'd 560 Ti's. For some reason it can't handle more then 4 or so virtual machines and I was wondering what parts do I need to upgrade? What do you want to focus on when buying pieces for a computer trying to be a gaming/virtualization computer? I was also thinking about just making another computer that had a server cpu/mobo would it benefit me more to have a then my i5? Thanks
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  1. Firstly, understand that although it is the same socket, your motherboard will likely not accept that CPU.
    In general, server processors are more robust and designed to handle 24/7 workloads with 99.9% up-time. Also, servers are more apt to virtualization as it is very common for servers to be partitioned (virtualized). Servers generally have their own line of hardware which is paralleled by the enthusiast grade hardware (although designed with vastly different markets in mind) on the low end and boggles the mind on the high end (google IBM servers and look at their highest offering, 256 processor cores @3.4GHz with 8MB cache each core (=2TB total) and 8TB maximum memory)
    So, given you build a server out of server components with the exception perhaps of GPU power, you should experience better virtualized sessions, but this hardware is not meant for gaming so keep that in mind.
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