Are my specs good? Temps and fps also.

Well I just finished my build not to long ago and was wondering if my temps and fps I get are good for my build. Also I was wondering what was worth doing/getting next to increase my fps such as overclocking or getting a ssd

Idle- 28-34
Under load- 48-58

Bf3 maxed out 64 player- 40-70(dips down to 20-30 sometimes)
Crysis 2 maxed out- 60-80
Probably most intensive games I have, but on the rest of my games I never checked because that all run smooth.
Also I only get around 40-50 frames on minecraft with some shader mods and only about 80-110 with no mods. What's going on here?

Mobo- as rock extreme 4 z77
CPU- i5 2500k sandybridge at stock clocks
CPU cooler- hyper 212+
Gpu- Evga gtx 680 super clocked edition
PSU- antec green series 750w
Ram- g.skill rip jaws 2x8gb
Hdd- hitachi 1tb 7200 rpm
Monitor- Asus 24inch 1920x1080 (forget model)
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  1. a ssd wont have a direct influence on FPS, but it usually affects loading times. its more relevant to single player modes which loads areas during gameplay and after checkpoints.
  2. Your temps look good.

    The fps is concerning. Overclocking will help with the fps. A SSD only shortens load times; it doesn't necessarily impact frame rates that much. Although, it'd be an excellent investment. Those things are blazing fast. you should definitely look into getting one. Something like this should suffice...
    Crucial M4 CT128M4SSD2 2.5" 128GB

    Overclock that CPU, son. :D Put that baby at about 4.5GHz. Then I'd suggest looking for guides on how to overclock your GPU a bit more. Not sure what's up with minecraft. That game isn't all that intensive. Also, make sure you have the Optifine mod installed. This should help out. Afterwards, check your visual settings. Play around with those and see what affects the FPS.
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