Need help choosing a GPU and PSU

This is my first time ever upgrading a computer so im kind of lost on what to do. Im trying to upgrade my GPU to be able to run star wars: the old republic and skyrim on high settings with NO lag. If someone could please post a good GPU and PSU to support it, i would greatly appreciate it. I would also need the GPU to be under $200 and the PSU under $100.

Here are my computers specs:

Here are some GPU and PSU ive been looking at:

GPU 1:
GPU 2:

Again, please recommend something better if you know of anything.
Thank you!
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    Here is a very good PSU deal. It may be more expensive than others at the same rating but Corsair are the best in power supplies & price is definitely worth it.

    Here is the best bang for $200 if you are willing to mail-in rebate. Its $220 if you don't avail of the MIR. I highly suggest this as the total for PSU+GPU still amounts to $310 which is not too far from your budget.

    Next best buys are below but they price drop on these cards are not worth it compared to the performance loss vs the 560Ti above.
  2. Will that PSU connect properly with either one of those GPU?
  3. Nfua said:
    Will that PSU connect properly with either one of those GPU?

    Yes. It has all the connectors & the capacity you need. By the way, the PSU I linked also have Mail In Rebate so the value is $70 if you avail of it.
  4. By the way, your case does not seem to have too much ventilation on it so please make sure that there are Fans at least at the rear side of the case & at the front for good airflow.

    Edit: Did not notice that your chosen XFX 6870 is at $149.99 after mail in rebate with free game. It is a very good deal compare to the 6870's I linked. I chose those parts because of the dual fan configuration which is great for cool & silent operation. But if you are not particular about fan noise, then your XFX 6870 choice is excellent.
  5. Okay awesome! So ill aim for the XFX 6870 with the PSU you posted. Only thing im unsure of is if that PSU will fit in my computer. =/ How exactly would i measure the available space when i open my case?
  6. PSU Sizes are standard & will fit in any PC case except the slim type:

    Anyway, here is the dimension of the current PSU in your case:
    150mm x 140mm x 86mm (5.9 x 5.5 x 3.4 inches)

    Here is that of the corsair:
    5.9"(W) x 3.4"(H) x 6.3"(L)
    The W & H are the same ( standard ) & the corsair is a bit longer but it should fit. To be safe, you can try to measure along your current PSU if there is any obstruction encountered by the extra 0.8" in length.

    If there is obstruction, you can choose this instead:
    It is exactly the same size as your current PSU. Slightly less capacity than before but still more than enough for the XFX 6870.
  7. Thank you so much! I posted on 3 different forums and you were the only one who has helped me. I might need more help when it comes to the actual installment and you seem like the type person who knows a thing or two. :) Mind if i ask you more questions when the time comes?
  8. Sure! :) We are always glad to help here at Tom's Forum.
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  10. Will that GPU i posted work on my motherboard? Please respond ASAP because i just bought both the GPU and PSU recommended.
  11. Yes. It does have a PCIe slot where you can install the graphics card. Just make sure you connect the extra PCIe cables to the graphics card and It will work fine.
  12. Okay, good. I may need help with all the connecting of the PSU to the motherboard and everything else :lol:
  13. Just take a note of what parts you unplugged. Taking a picture before unplugging anything is good so you will know exactly what goes where in case you forget. With digital camera, you can take as many pictures as you want of every connection & every plug in your PC.

    Put labels on each of the cable you disconnect too & write where it should go to & which picture it relates too.

    Watch youtube videos too... that will boost your self confidence. Good luck! :)
  14. Yeah, I had the idea to put different color of duct tape on the cord and wear it goes. Im really scared ill mess up my computer! :/
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