CPU will only work with 1 monitor out of 4

I bought a new CPU. I still want to use the other one for different things. I am using the same monitor with the new CPU that I used with the older CPU. I got a monitor from a friend (Yes, it works, I saw it before I got it). When I turn on the monitor to the old computer, it says "no signal" and goes blank. I put the other monitor back on it, and it works as it always does did. I put the friend's monitor back on and it says "no Signal". I have tried 3 other working monitors on the old CPU and they all say "no signal", except the monitor I used to use on it, which is now hooked up to the new CPU. What's the problem???
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  1. what cpu did you come from
  2. Are these DVI monitors? or VGA?

    DVI has several formats, One is all anaolg signals (DVI-A), the other is pure digital signals (DVI-D), and the last combines both (DVI-I). You cannoth use a dvi-d monitor of a dvi-a gpu and vise-versa. Dvi-i will work on either provided you use the correct cable (dvi-a/dvi-d/dvi-i)

    Vga is all analog signals only so the problem is probably resolution or refresh rate. Try using the monitor that works and set the resolution to 800x600 @ 60hz refresh rate and then swap monitors and it should work since thats a standard svga resolution. Once you can see the screen you look up the native resolution of the monitor you're using and then set the resolution and refresh rate to that.
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