GTX 680 rsod Possible fix?:

HI everybody, i have an asus extreme 3 gen 3 motherboard, i5 2500k not overclocked, 8 gigs of the best Kingston memory, ocz vertex 3 ssd, a second disc for storage, a 700W Coolermaster Silent (80 plus bronze). I have a standard version of Galaxy GTX 680, and i have the issue that when you run thru windows 7, everything goes just right, but when you run the WIndows experience test, all colors and image goes randomly disordered and well, finally RED SCREEN OF DEATH hehe.
Well, after a couple of day researching what could be the problem, i found that changing WINDOWS 7 resolution from 32 bits to 16 bits, all the problems went away, i was able to play dolphin and coming back to desktop with all eye candy without an issue, as well as running the full test of windows experience without problems. I haven't tested Battlefield 3 yet, but the system now seems rock-solid. I also tryed another monitor and the results were pretty different, but the same applies, if i turn 32 bits on resolution settings on NVIDIA drivers and run a 3d application or Windows 7 Aero transparencies etc. it crashes not IN windows but when turning windows experience or a full direct3d 9/11 game.
I would like to know if you guys get the same results changing the color depth and if you imagine a solution that doesn't imply seeing the awful wallpapers and menus of 16 bits. Nonetheless the 3d games looks the same as 32 bits... SO the problem is not in the 3d engine of my Video Card, neither in the NVIDIA driver itself... is in how windows 7/nvidia drivers control the operating system/applications exits, or testing for example under windows experience, because with 16 bit i could complete "the experience". For me is something to do with color reproduction mess up.
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  1. Driver bugs can be a pain so you may have to wait :/
  2. Hello meister4ever,

    first of all, sorry for my english which is really bad.

    I have exactly the same issue with windows experience index and my ASUS GTX 680.
    my config is an asus p8H77 motherboard, intel i5-3570k not overclocked as well, 16 gigs of corsair 1600mhz, plextor ssd, a second Western Digital hdd, a 600W I don't remember the name 80 plus gold alim, an asus blu ray, and this f**king ASUS GTX 680.
    Not only with windows index but also with the games, reading a blu ray or even while surfing I get this RSOD.
    Some were talking about a problem with aida64 or gpuz but I have a clean install of windows and I didn't installed any monitoring or benchmarking software.
    All drivers are up to date.
    When starting a game, for sure it will end up with a RSOD.
    Sometimes it freezes, with disgracious pixels, the screen goes black and then the image reappears with a faulty message of Nvidia driver.
    Sometimes it goes red with nothing to do about it except a hard reset.

    After reinstalling windows totally, same problem.
    I've tried my old AMD radeon 5850 and... no problem at all.
    So it's clearly coming from the graphic card.

    A funny thing, when updating the bios of the motherboard, it solved the problem for 1 day and then rsod reappeared.
  3. hey guys,

    I've started a new thread on this topic.. check it:
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