I5 Sandy Bridge vs i3 Ivy Bridge vs AMD A8 vs AMD A10

So, I'm planning to get a laptop, I'm going to be using it for mainly video editing, and occasional gaming. I need to edit 720p HD video, and likely 1080i AVCHD video in Sony Vegas Pro, and the games that I will be playing are older games and indie games. Most will likely be PC exclusives since I already have an Xbox. Which processor line would be best for my needs?

- i3 Ivy Bridge
- i5 Sandy Bridge
- AMD-A8
- AMD-A10

I would like to get either the A8 or the i3 since they're the cheapest. Would they be enough for my needs, or should I try and get an A10 or i5? A discrete graphics card is outside my price range.
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  1. If you are looking at video editing with Sony Vegas Pro then none of the above. An i7 is really needed to do HD editing well and quickly and a discrete graphics card could be very helpful also. If as you cant afford it then the i5 is your best bet.
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