What card for 3d modeling, rendering etc?

Im building a new pc shortly and would like to ask a few questions.
What the whole build is being based is dealing with programs like blender, photoshop, and sony vegas just to name a few.
I tried searching on google but haven't really found a answer to help me decide. Mainly I can't choose what would be the best video card to suit my needs. I'm thinking of these three:

670: NOT SURE OF A GOOD CARD? (brand)

Im using atm a single 24inch 1080p monitor and have plans to add a second after. I do enjoy overclocking gpus, which is why that 7870 has my eye ;) . I do game so that is also a concern and i know all 3 would be more than what I need, so the main problem is. What card would be better in assisting me with 3d modeling, rendering and stuff along that line. If it matters I will be doing lots of animation and coding. So with all of that in mind, what would you recommend as a gpu?

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    Nvidia cards are usually better at those tasks
  2. Thanks for such a quick reply. Do you think this card is worth the price?
  3. No not if you can get one for 10% less.
  4. Okay thanks for your help, I will order the one you recommended asap.
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