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So I am thinking about getting this laptop but the CPU sucks and if I do, will be switching it out (it's the Acer Iconia 6120). I have never done this and doing some research got quite confused. The stock CPU is Intel® Core™ i5-480M Processor
(3M Cache, 2.66 GHz). Looking at the specs I saw the one that said socket supported (BGA1288, PGA988). The chip I want to install has FCLGA1155 for the supported socket. Does these number differences even matter or is everything to do with compatibility relevant to the motherboard. I found the motherboard that is in the laptop but can't find a manufacturer or anything to do research on it. How do I find what CPUs I can put in it. Thanks
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  1. All of this is relevant. If BGA, you cannot switch the CPU. If PGA, it uses pins, which means it can be switched, but it depends on what the BIOS supports, which is most likely just that processor. As for LGA1155, thats a desktop CPU, which cannot be used at all.
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