Hyundai Q17

Its been reviewed, it looks like a good deal, two questions... wheres the Hyundai website with this screen & where can you get it in the UK ???

(only found the car websites... not what I am wanting to hook up to my R9700pro...)

Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat...
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  1. Seems like this monitor either hasn't really been released yet. I'm in the U.S. and can't find a single thing.

    Pricewatch brings back only 2 results. One for, who only has the Analog Only version of the monitor, and some other site (i forget the name) that doesn't even have it on their site anymore.

    Looks like my old Nokia 447xi will have to work overtime till this thing really comes out.
  2. So there are 2 versions of this monitor, 1 with DVI and 1 without?

    "Don't question it!!!" - Err
  3. Yeah. I believe the model number used on Newegg was Q17BS. And if you view the pictures they have a back shot showing only the VGA & power ports. No DVI.

    So be careful people!
  4. okay - i see what you mean. I kind of want a monitor with dvi because for some reason my gpu can't output 2 analog signals at the same time (asus geforce ti 4400). I also kind of like the new flat panels now that the response times are better.

    "Don't question it!!!" - Err
  5. Same here. As soon as I read the article, I went out searching for it with intentions to buy. It will be my first LCD monitor. I am happy with the analog, though. I do not require DVI, so is the one at newegg the same thing? What I mean is, does it have the USB hub and video input features as the one reviewed does?
  6. So, I called around. Its almost impossible to get one of these monitors if you are not a major company buying many of them, but I did locate a company called ASI in chicago that has them and the Hyundai L70A-S (which is the same monitor w/out the USB hub and a relocation of the speakers).

    Anyways, ASI told me they cant sell to end users so they gave me the name of a distributer (AB distributing) that could probably sell me one. I'm waiting for them to call me back. If anyone wants the number to AB Distributing, let me know.
  7. I just bought one. Got a good price. $396 and $12 S&H. I'm pretty happy.
  8. What is the number you called... and what did you ask for... because i cant find anything on their website...


    To the person who asked for the website... all i found was and that has the specs... but no where to buy, so hopefully the poster above me gets back :)

    But it does not mention anything about the 20ms response rate... so im not sure.. :)
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  9. sweet, thanks for the link, all I could find were car sites...
    all I wanna figure out is if you can buy one of these, will they deliver to the UK ??? mebbie a rebrand like to AOC or something...

    Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat...
  10. I would like the number as well! Did you get the one with DVI? had them, but discontinued them in December 02
  11. Okay, so sorry to keep you all waiting for this, but I left the number at work! and wont be going back for another week. But here is how to get it.

    On the HyundaiIq website go to customer service and call them. Ask them for the number for the number to ASI in chicago. Now, ask ASI for AB Distributing's number (ask to talk with Janette) and Janette will sell you one for $396 + $12 s&h.

    I wish i could be of more assistance, but I left all the contact info at work.
  12. I've had the ImageQuest Q17 for about 2 months. Great monitor. But I have one problem...

    I tried the color management files from Tom's article and they did not seem to make one bit of difference to my screen. I tried both the 5000K and 6500K files and nothing happened when I set them as default and applied the setting. I know on my TV when I make a 5000K to 6500K switch it is quite noticable.

    I tried different settings on the monitor... user, mode1, and mode2. Nothing. Tried the Q17 file that came with the monitor driver at the hyundaiq site, no change either.

    I though it might happen after rebooting, but I could not detect any differnce.

    Does anyone know what's up? Is there something I'm missing.

    Running XP Pro using nForce2 onboard video (Shuttle SN41G2)
    Tried on seperate nVidia card, no difference. Using 44.03 Nv drivers.

    BTW, if you can get to a Fry's grand opening, you can get this great monitor for $299.

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  13. The NewEgg version has no USB ports either. I wouldn't get the analog version because of what the THG review said.
  14. Didn't notice that. Although I wouldn't get analog simply for the fact that DVI is superior. To move to an LCD display for gaming and keep an analog connection would be silly.
  15. Where did you buy your Q17?
  16. I called AB, and you may want to cancel their order, since they sold you a L70 with the AU panel, and not a Q17 with the hyundai panel. (I spoke with Sandy and told her that someone the day previous bought a Q17 from them through Janette, and they said you ordered a L70)

    I have called every distributor except for one on, including Fry's.

    Three said it was discontinued, but most simply said that they could not get it.

    I am a very unhappy man =(

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  17. that sucks!!!!!!!

    man, who reviews a product... says it is the best -- just to find out that it is not available in America...

  18. I just emailed and got an answer .. bad news..

    "We stopped selling Q17 model with DVI about six months ago.
    The next models came out is Q17B and L70S which are analog versions.

    As DVI options are built in the system, we do not
    sell seperately as parts.

    However, we are coming up with 19" with DVI in mid July. Model is L90D with a 25 ms typ.

    Thank you for your interest in our product."

    That was the answer...

    so no hyundai for me :(
  19. I've been at this crazy frenzy all day trying to locate and figure out what the deal is with the Q17. I also sent a comment to Tomshardware describing our issue with them recommending a discontinued monitor, and suggested they post an update.

    Apparently the Q17 can come in analog of digital as the New Egg pics show. There are a few sources that are still selling the S70s which is a replacement for the Q17 but it is analog only. I want the digital Dvi definitely.

    I think I've located a couple of sources that claim they still have Q17's they can ship but none were able to verify that they have the digital version. Perhaps the digital's would be much more expensive?

    Anyway, we ran out of time - since it is Friday, but they are supposed to get back with me on Monday to let me know if they are the digital versions. If they are I'll pass the information on to the rest of you,...well, after I purchase one 8-).

    If this doesn't work out, what would be the next best choice for the money - the Hitachi CML174SXW? Good luck!
  20. From everything I hear from HardOCP and Arstechnica the next choice for quality and money is the Viewsonic VP171b
  21. Too bad it's over $500 at Newegg. :( It also lists as 16ms response time, meaning an AU panel. Hope Hyundai comes out with the next model soon.
  22. A UK site selling the HYUNDAI Q17

    here is their product link:

    Price inc vat: £413.60 a bit more expensive than the articles suggested price!

  23. well, if i get it in the mail and its not a Q17, i'm returning it. I hate it that companies can take the liberty and substitute "equivalent items" without asking.
  24. "We stopped selling Q17 model with DVI about six months ago. The next models came out is Q17B and L70S which are analog versions." -earlier in thread, from Hyundai via email

    I noticed the price for the monitor jumped on by $20 soon after the appearance of the THG article. I just checked and it is $399.99, and will apparently be back in stock as of July 1. The product link on newegg's website ( takes you to the Q17, which lists digital input (DVI) as a feature.

    So either this monitor is still being sold and the information from Hyundai was wrong or has changed (perhaps due to a surge of interest after the THG article?), or maybe just got a hold of a few more of these monitors.

    Or maybe Newegg is doing some false advertising, but that seems unlikely given their customer service record. Maybe you can still get this monitor after all.
  25. Q17S DVI $428 + s/h
    Hyundai Q17BS analog $393 + s/h
  26. Looks like that is the proper model number. However I called and they said they are out of stock on those monitors. Standard wait is two weeks for more in stock, but they couldn't verify there are really any more to get in stock at this time.

    Still waiting to hear back from my other sources.
  27. So the Q17b/s is basically the same model that TomsHardware reviewed?

    By the way, Fry's has the B/S model for 350 + 100 dollar rebate. I despise rebates, so i'm just gonna buy it somewhere else, if I decide to at all. I was messing around with it, and "Tom" was right about the brightness setting not working. How can something like that be overlooked by Hyundai? But still named the best 17" monitor??
  28. No, Q17b-s is analog. The Q17s is digital. Tom's reviewed the digital version in both modes, and preferred digital.

    I still can find a Q17s in stock anywhere. Two sources talking to their suppliers were unable to determine if digital today. They claim maybe tomorrow. I've scoured the web and no luck on a Q17s - I'm starting to consider other monitors. Perhaps the Hitachi for the price, but supposedly that works best in analog mode with d-sub but I want to go dvi / digital. Any opinions on the next best choice for the money when going digital?
  29. Personally I was just going through the list that was reviewed here. First was the Q17 since it won the thing, then the 1760V since it was so cheap... Personally I dont need to go any further, but you might wanna check those reviews again then go bargain hunting. If the 1760V came all the way down to 399.00, maybe the others did too.

    On another note, does anyone know when anymore reviews of 17" LCDs are coming out? Seems like there are so many out there that have been overlooked that I may never know about.
  30. i found hyundai's imagequest division webpage at The Q17 is still listed there as the current model and i have sent them an email regarding where i can purchase one, hopefully i get a response...
  31. I emailed both Hyundai Imagequest and Hyundai Display (Two different companies that split in 1999 or so) and it looks like Hyundai Display (Hydis) makes the panel in the Hyundai Imagequest monitor.

    Therefore, other monitor manufacturers with 20ms response monitor may also have Hydis panels. I called Sceptre, and they use all Hydis panels.

    They also said they make panels for HP, Gateway, IBM, Iiyama and Sharp.

    They said that the three big brands in panels are AU, Samsung and Hydis. They are also releasing a 16ms with true 16.7m colors this quarter. (Not the AU 200K colors hack)

    Knowing what I know now, If I call El Generico tech support and they say it is a 20ms Hydis panel, I might just buy it.
  32. The saga continues...the plot thickens. Ok, found out more info that may be helpful to you out there. After scouring the world for information about these monitors Scott at informed me that the Q17 is no longer made and that the digital dvi was an option from the factory but is not designated in any way by the model number. Further, he stated that they used to have problems with the Q17 since it was apparently originally targeted for the european market. Additionally the DVI version for digital was a problem in the states because it is DVI-D and not the DVI-I format that all our video cards support. He said it does have a great display though. Computernirvana no longer carries the Q17 since they were discontinued, but instead carry it's supposedly improved US replacement the L70s. This monitor is analog only but is the same panel with 20ms response. They are currently out of the L70s but a new shipment in mid next week.

    Also, Fry's electronics (see carries the L70s and still has a few Q17's in the stores while supplies last.

    I made a trip to my local Fry's where they had both the analog version Q17 and the L70s. Personally (while the screen may have looked good) the Q17 appeared to look "cheap" and somewhat flimsy. It was not very "pretty". The L70s was a nicer looking apparently more functional design with a nice display. Problem at Fry's is getting some good video sequence and having it in an area to compare to other monitors.

    I'm still trying to make up my mind, I was comparing it to the NEC LCD1760 with the Hitachi panel, and a Samsung Va720. Actually I kind of think I preferred the Va720.

    You can also go to as they claim to have the Q17s in stock. However after seeing them I think I prefer the L70s if I'm going analog anyway.

    Based on the above and the fact that none of us can use the Q17's digital DVI-D I think that pretty much solves the issue.

    Thanks Tom's for telling us all that in advance....NOT!

    For me, the search continues....not sure what I will end up with yet - but I'll probably pass on my choice to the rest of you when I make the purchase. Cheers!
  33. Since AU Optronics only seems to make the 16ms panel and Hyundai the 20ms panel, I checked for other 17 inch LCDs with a 20ms response time. There are several to choose from, though I couldn't find anything to tell me for sure who made the panels.

    I sent emails to Acer, Cornea, and EIZO asking who made the panels (I also suggested submitting a monitor or two to Tom's for evaluation). If I hear back from any of these guys I'll post it. If any of these monitors use the Hyundai panel, they might be worth considering.
  34. I bought Q17 too and have been satisfied so far.

    Except that I have the same issues as this one other guy here - Tom's calibrated profiles don't have any effect on this display.

    I have ti4200 as a sipsplay adapter, with DVI-I.

    Any solutions to this profile problem?

    Also, I would very much like to adjust the brightness! The knob just doesn't have any effect.

  35. More info...I did determine that a DVI-I video card can work with a DVI-D monitor. So at least that is no longer a problem. I spoke with Cornea and their 20ms monitors are based off the Hyundai panel. I already spent hours looking guessed it no one in the world has them currently in stock - all backordered.
  36. cheers... but ouch, what a price, make it 300 & I will take it of their hands... :wink:

    Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat...
  37. I too have been searching everywhere for this monitor. I filed a request with newegg to get them to carry the DVI version, but if it's not being made... Anyway, I was looking around and noticed that they are selling a Hyundai L70A that has DVI. I just really like the minimalist look of the Q17 though. Hopefully you guys get responses back from some of those other companies confirming the use of Hyundai panels. Why aren't more companies using them? Also, does anyone know when Samsung will be coming out with newer models?
  38. Eizo replied to my email: They use Hitachi-made panels that they codevelop to their own specifications.

    Now why would Hitachi use an AU Optronics panel if they could just use their own?
  39. This is probably my last post on the subject. I have given up the hunt on the Q17. Saw them at Fry's (both the Q17-bs and the L70s) compared them to other monitors and it was conclusive between 4 independent people they like the Viewsonic VA720 better. It has more brilliant colors, better contrast and more clarity. I doubt the digital (Dvi) verion of the Hyundai monitor would make it that much better. Besides there is no way to get a Hyundai brand digital. Cornea Systems (see does make the Ct102t) which should be the digital version of the Hyundai panel, but it is out of stock - no one can tell me until when. Oh, Newegg does have the Q17-BS in stock now (but of course it is the analog version). There are some great rebates and store discounts on the Viewsonic VA720 right now. If you go to Office Depot there is a 15% discount off online orders over $75 and there is an additional $100 coupon off from Viewsonic. Fry's could probably even beat this price for greater savings since they carry the same monitor also.

    Personally I have decided to go with the digital version of the Viewsonic Va720. The closest I see to this, but perhaps a bit higher quality is the Vp171b which has DVI. This is a bit more expensive, but Dell has a reasonable & best price on these. The Vp171b features 16ms and I believe AU Optronics panel.

  40. Sorry, i'm just curious as to why you decided on the Viewsonic over the NEC 1760V? Or did you even consider it?
  41. Hello,

    I just had Hyundai on the phone. Here are their answers to some of your questions.

    Even if they say sometimes something else, in fact, all their displays do actually use the same panel, the one with a response time of 20 ms.

    When the display is given for 20 ms, that means TR Typ. = 20 ms. This response time is an average.

    Some Hyundai displays, like the L70S, are given for 16 ms. In fact, they use the same panel. But this time the TR is not typ., but max. But as they have confirmed it to me, it's just a marketing argument to be on the same level than AU.

    There is one exception. There's been a panel's shortage. Hyundai had to use one time some AU panels instead of his owns. 400 L70S, of 10 000 pieces, use AU panels instead of Hyundai. Most of them have been sold on the German market, around 20 pieces were sold in France.

    About the ICC profiles given in the review, they are just available with the Q17 with D-Sub AND DVI. For the other versions, even if the panel is the same, the settings are different. Different electronic, different OSD... Same for the profiles and, sorry, we don't have them. But even without these profiles, these displays are very good!


    Vincent Alzieu
    Tom's Hardware Guide
  42. The NEC 1760V was also at Fry's and we did a side by side comparison. The 1760v looked nice. But the consensus of 4 of us liked the Viewsonic VA720 image better. Additionally the VA720 has a much better price. Note however that I chose the Viewsonic Vp171b which is digital. I haven't actually seen this monitor, but it should be the same or better quality as the VA720 but featuring DVI - that according to the Viewsonice technical support person I spoke with. I told him I like the VA720 but wanted digital so which did he recommend and he said Vp171b.
  43. let us know how you like it - it seems like a pretty good price for that monitor...

    "Don't question it!!!" - Err
  44. You've done a remarkable job bearing down on some nasty issues, thank-you and to the other members too. I've been doing a little reseach myself, 8 mos., but mosty on CRT's; as I've just recently swtiched to LCD's.

    Three Q's for you/members: (1) Is the Viewsonic Vp171b the same, similar or updated model of the VA720 - the one Tom just reviewed? If not similar; then why do you think they chose the VA720 (and not the Vp171b) to study? (2) Assuming the Vp171b is similar to the VA720 - why do you think his review missed the obviously (apparently better) choice?

    (3) Did Fry's run the correct driver for each of the monitors that you were comparing? Normally, retail outlets run the same driver for all monitors, which in effect makes an instore comparison almost useless.

    (3) Is the Vp171b the "best" 17" LCD model by Viewsonic? And lastly; (4) Are you happy with your new monitor; any issues with it or with Dell?

    Thanks and good luck!
  45. Okay, I got my monitor and it is, in fact, a Q17. Not a L70s. I absolutely love it. Its huge, and looks great and has a good design that will allow you to fold up the base and attach it to a wall. It does not have a USB hub, but it does have the audio in and out with speakers in the base.

    However, it is analog only, but thats fine with me. I don't have a prefference between analog and digital, seeing as you probably can't visually tell the difference yet.

    Anyways, if anyone wants one of these for $396 call Ginnette at AB Distributing - 1-800-874-3300.
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