BIOS doesn't find Windows 8 Image?

I recently purchased a new ASUS computer with an HD77 motherboard and a Intel I7 cpu. It came with windows 8 but no backup disk. I created a system image on an external hard drive and then installed a Crucial 500GB M4 SSD Drive and wiped the original Hard drive. Now when i boot up it is looking for the system image but can't find it. When i'm given the option to select a system image i can access both the SSD drive and the external hard drive but i don't know which file i should be choosing and it won't choose one on it's own to get it to start reinstalling Windows 8? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. You will need to use the Restore Disks that you made to reinstall the Windows image. (If you didn't make the restore disks you may need to get them from the manufacturer.)
  2. I have the disk it doesn't recognize it
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