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Processor for HD gaming?

I was thinking about buying a nice gaming desktop soon and I saw a pretty nice CPU. It's the AMD FX-4100. It's 3.6GHz, but it's only dual-core. Would this be good enough for HD games like Arma II and games like BF3? Total specs below:

CPU Clock Speed: 3.6GHz
Total L2 Cache: 4MB
L3 Cache: 8MB
Thermal Design Power: 95W
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AMD64 Technology
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  1. It will handle games at playable frame rates but don't expect 60FPS at 1920x1080, overclocking the CPU will increase performance but it will also increase heat.
  2. I'm kinda a noob in computer building and I always thought the amount of RAM would give better FPS. I didn't really take into account the processor a whole lot. Would this processor work nicely with 8GB DDR3 RAM and a AMD Radeon HD 6450 1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card?
  3. The GPU might be a little weak for BF3, 8GB of RAM will be fine.
  4. That gpu cpu combo is not going to play BF3 on high settings , might ply semi okay on medium or low settings . A better GPU will be needed .
  5. What GPU would you suggest for BF3 and that CPU and 8GB of RAM?
  6. Do you have a budget?
  7. Max of $700 for the complete computer I think is a good limit for me.
  8. I meant just for the GPU, not the whole computer.
  9. Have you bought it yet? The 4100 will get the job done in most cases but there's better options out there. The Intel i3 solutions,be it 2xxx or 3xxx series are much better, as is AMD's 4300 and 6300(especially this one over the 4300).
    Btw it's actually a quadcore, it has 2 modules with 2 cores in each.

    The HD7770 is a good value GPU if that's in your budget. I can play Arma II in 1080p with my HD7750 but I have to turn some settings down.
  10. Not more than for 50 dollars over the AMD Radeon HD 6450. So around 85 would be my max for the GPU.
  11. Actually, it looks like the 7750 would be acceptable in terms of budget. I think I'll go with the processor I mentioned, 8GB of RAM and the HD7770 or the HD7750. Thanks guys!
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    Thats a pretty tight price for a GPU, get this and overclock it -

    If you can spend $4.99 extra then -
  13. I think I'll get the 6670 actually. I can fit that in my budget.
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  15. You,re confusing me, which is the best you can fit in your budget, the HD7700 or the 6670?

    With the 7700 you can squeeze more FPS out than the 6670.
  16. Yeah sorry about that. I was going with the 6670 because that's maxing my budget, but I might just wait for another paycheck and get the 7770. Probably a better idea. I'll think about it.
    bit late bus this CPU will outpreform the FX4100 since the 5600k is the next gen with same clock rates the 5600k will be faster. Not using it as a APU is not really a waste since you can use the APU part if anything is wrong with your 7770 and you can use it to run an extra monitor in the future if you want.
    This $400 build does not include case or OS

    The 7770 is a lot better than the 6670
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