No idea what's going on.....two beeps at startup

I have built my first computer yesterday
My name is Steven btw
I installed Windows, ran the drivers from the mobo cd, ran the Sapphire driver cd, all was working well
Then this morning Catalyst started giving me issues. The PC would re-boot and present the following messages all at once on startup

"Catalyst Control Center: Host application has stopped working"
"Steam has stopped working"
"Windows Explorer has stopped working"
"kdbsync.exe has stopped working"

So I re-installed Windows from scratch
All was going well, Catalyst no issues, I was installing the fifth of the BIOS updates from the ASRock site and PC gave me the blue screen of death.

It starts, makes two beeps - like the old telephone analogue signals before you dialed, but louder pitch - nothing appears on screen, it just sits there with the fans spinning looking totally awesome.
But does nothing.
Also, the reset button works but not the on/off button
USBs at the front work, and the monitor flashes at the bottom like it's being told something but doesn't display anything.

These are the details of the build, picked up yesterday so just over 24hr old
What could be the problem do you think?

Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset
Creative Inspire T10 2.0 Speakers
G.Skill Ripjaws 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
TP-Link TL-WN781ND 150Mbps Wireless PCIe Adapter
Western Digital WD Green 2TB WD20EARX
Logitech C270 HD Webcam
Gigabyte GHOST M8600 Wireless Gaming Mouse
60cm Red SATA Cable
LG CH12LS28 12X BD-R Blu-ray DVD Combo Drive
Sapphire Radeon HD7970 3GB OC
Antec High Current Gamer 620W Modular HCG-620M
SanDisk Extreme Solid State Drive 120GB
NZXT Guardian 921RB Red LED case
ASRock H77-PRO4-MVP Motherboard
Intel Core i5 3550
Yamakasi 27" Catleap monitor

I have no idea what to do.
Please help.....
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  1. Morning, trying to figure this out will take you a while so let's start with the simplest.
    1) Unplug everything except for the mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Turn it on. Anything?
    2) take out 1 stick of RAM, turn it on.
    3) switch RAM modules, turn it on.

    Google for POST Codes

    Let me know
  2. Wow thanks for getting back to me
    Long story short it now makes six beeps, not two.
    I took everything out of the case and started watching the video on newegg that I followed during the build.
    Took EVERYTHING apart. Then put the CPU back in, new whiz of thermal paste, put the heatsink on top in contact with the paste, nice and squishy, rigged the fan next to it connected to the CPU 4 prong control because I've read AsRock motherboards can get iffy about not having the CPU fan installed (but did not mount it on the heatsink itself)
    I put 1 4gb in the A1 slot of the motherboard, connected the case speaker, the case power two prong thingy, the 24 pin and the supplemental.
    Took out the battery, left it an hour, googled, I didn't actually.
    I watched the whole of the newegg series and a bunch of other videos on the subject on my notebook (a four year ASUS workhorse that's never even had a cough, never mind this $2100 POS I've got on my desk now!)
    I put the battery back in.
    Took out the jumper two prong thingy and put it in the reset position, plugged in the PSU, went to start and it does nothing. Step A
    I took the two prong thingy (CMOS jumper) off completely, went to start, six beeps. Switched off. Step B
    Put it back in its place, on the correct side, went to start, six beeps. Step C
    Repeated a-b-c twice, same result.
    I swear if I hear six beeps one more time I'm going to start rapping to the beat.

    Surely the kids at AsRock must know there are n00bs like me out there.
    A little tiny bit of leniency would be welcome, how do I get the BIOS back to factory settings?!?

    *sits in corner sobbing - in a manly way....but sobbing all the same*
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