How can I wipe the hard drive with no recovery discs?

Hello, I have an AsusG50V. It did not come with recovery discs and thedvd drive doesnt work anymore anyway. I need to wipe the drive but how can I reload Vista HP 64? Is there a way to wipe/clean it without deleting the OP?
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  1. Do you have a recovery partition that allows you to boot and recover without a disc ?

    You can always try using a bootable USB flash drive. Or put Vista onto a USB flash drive and install it from there. Like this:
  2. Windows 7 can be installed via USB, but I don't know about vista.
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    If all you need to do is wipe the drive then download a stand alone boot image. See This bootable load comes with 9 different tools to wipe your disk.

    P.S. if you do reload windows to your disk you STILL won't be able to delete running from windows. Windows prevents suicides. You need a stand alone boot to clear the disk (or you can pull the disk, attach to another computer and clear it that way)

    Aside: That's a nice gaming laptop.

    edit: follow USB instructions for the download to build bootable USB. Make sure your laptop's BIOS has the USB port in it's boot sequence (or use f12 on boot to get a bootmanager panel on most laptops ... I didn't check yours)
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  5. Thanks!
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