Audio reseting in game and making me have lag spikes

Hello, I'm trying to figure out why i'm getting 2-3 second lag spikes that reset the sound in game, *let me explain I'm playing WoW and i'm running around listening to the music playing in stormwind and all the sudden i get a huge lag spike that freezez me and then as soon as i come out of the lag spike the song that was just playing ie: town music. Restarts over. Can anyone help me with this? or let me know what might be the problem? this is new computer from cyberpowerpc and just downloaded drivers new for the video card it came with geforce gt 520. might be a driver? or something? i have no clue sense mine are up to date.
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  1. As much information as you can give would be awesome. Including motherboard processor sound card (if you aren't using the motherboard sound port) case (if it is hooked through the case audio port) your power supply unit. Just be as specific about all your hardware as you can be that way each can be removed as a possible problem hopefully leading to the main problem.
  2. Is there any programs running in the back ground while you are playing? Kind of sounds like a program launching (which would cause the lag) then accessing your sound (even if it makes no sound that would explain your game restarting the sound). If not then i'm unsure but others here may be able to help out alot more.
  3. hmm i did have Swtor downloading in the backround? would that make a diffrence? sorry if thats a dumb question i just assumed this comp could multi task.. my last computer was horendous compared to this one and i could do simple things like that. =/ Which actually brings me to another topic.... I bought a "XFX R6750 Core edition PCI Express 2.1 1GB DDR3 Video card to go with this comp *because i read the one it comes with the *NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 Graphics - With 1GB video memory, DVI, HDMI and VGA capabilities* was not good quality. and when i installed it the fan on it was running but i could never get it to work no matter what i tried... going to return it and try for another card i guess maybe a sugestion for one that would work well with my PC that is better then the Geforce GT and can maybe let me play somethings at Ultra for under $140? If you have answer to either Question would help me out a lot ty for reply's so far.
  4. I checked on newegg and the system has some audio problems, is it like this for all games?
  5. I'd say it might be your power supply unit causing the problem with the video card. Most built systems like that come with a psu that just covers the system (and alot of them are cheaply made). Getting a better psu would help ask in the systems forum. Alot of people there can set you right on your options on the psu. And the fx series of oem has been having alot of problems lately. They seem to not be performing as well as they were meant to especially in windows 7 (there is a patch from microsoft to help some you need to check there for the update).
  6. ah darn, I don't know just yet =/, WoW was the first game i installed. swtor in the proccess as we speak... I hope its not something i gota replace already just got this pc a day ago... =/... are they saying its a problem with the video card system or the actuall motherboard it's self?
  7. Not the motherboard lol the cpu is just not being fully utilized as yet (its new and an 8 core) so windows just does not recognize all its potential. (but like i said theres an update for windows that will help performace wise. And the power supply being replaced would help with you being able to use your video card (i suspect your psu is to low for the card).
  8. i read this in a forum i don't fully understand what *4pin to 6pin means....?* sorry here is quote though "If you plan on upgrading to the 6950, be sure to buy 2 4pin to 6pin power converters to support the card."

    and do you happen to have a link for that Windows update that will help my performance wise? would appreciate it. *don't exactly know what to look for.
  9. The box in your pc that has a fan in it is the power supply unit. Most of them come with extra wires for add ons and upgrades. The newer psus come with 6 pin attachments to hook to video cards (the ones requiring more power then the motherboard supplies) Almost all of them come with 4 pin versions (alot of motherboards and hard drives and cd roms use these for power. Hope that clears it up.
  10. Here you go a good read that should put you on the right path :)
  11. Although that one is not specific for your cpu a short google search may help also check out amds site for other info.
  12. thats if i had a amd video card? cuz i'm just returning that other one i don't think its gona work unless you think this download is why it is not working? i'll read up on that page 2 thank you for all the help. and about the 6pin attachment is that neccesary or can i hook up a video card without it? all past video cards i've had i've just plugged in and went... haha so sorry for the confusion.
  13. i just realized you were referring to my mother board. i'm checking into it can't seem to find a download though for my specific mother board... hmm =(
  14. No problem your video card would have a place for the 6 pin to plug into on it i'd assume if it needed it (but keep in mind some video cards require more power sent to the motherboard to function and if your power supply unit can not put out the power it needs it will not function properly or at all which is why i said your power supply may not be enough to run that card as most already built pcs use cheap power supplies that generally give just enough power for the system as you bought it) I hope that helps out lol.
  15. can i just download the hotfix from that page? cuz i seem to be able to request one from that link you gave me. If i dl that one would it work for me?
  16. aaronabey said:
    i just realized you were referring to my mother board. i'm checking into it can't seem to find a download though for my specific mother board... hmm =(

    No your processor not your motherboard for updates. From amds web site (they make your processor not your mother board) So may have some updates. As well as checking microsoft to see if they have an update for your cpu (its a bulldozer chip set)
  17. I believe that update is for the fx chips as well which is what your cpu is.
  18. And yours is a 4 core (some of the fx are 8 core)
  19. says i have 500 watts for a psu is that good?
  20. will the motherbroad support Express pci x16 2.0 or 2.1
    I know the newer video cards out there are pci express 2.0 / 2.1 and 3.0 . Iknow you have look for the power supply but you need know the motherbroad support the card as well .
    what im asking is will motherbroad support them?
    ty for your time

    and just wondering as well.

    CyberpowerPC Black Gamer Ultra GUA250 Desktop PC with AMD Quad-Core FX-4100 Processor, 8GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive and Windows 7 Home Premium
  21. Almost all pci express will accept the 2.o cards. Now the 2.1 cards the old pci express boards have trouble with but sometimes you can get a bios update for your board to be compatible if it becomes a problem (its rare they have problems but it does happen). 500 is generally good but some power supplies do not always put out what they say they will especially many of the cheap ones.
  22. Just a general suggestion, does the audio switch when there isnt a game running, like does something pop up saying "an audio jack has just been plugged it/unplugged" mine does that, and it required me having to go into my sound driver and disable the front audio port detection, fixed it up nicely

    Uhm, about the lag, try disabling all sound via going into control panel, finding sounds, and disabling everything on that list (should just be your speakers)

    its a longshot but maybe? it will help us diagnose also

    if nothing else try uninstalling your sound drivers and reinstalling them?

    I don't think its a audio issue since when lag spikes happen usually the pc has to catch up with all its calculations so it stops sound, etc...

    Did you remember to plug the power cord into the card? also is the fan on the card spinning, if not take it back, post your temperatures here after downloading + installing HWmonitor then Prime95 (just download no need to install) and furmark

    now what I want you to do is reboot pc after installing those things, open HWmonitor, let it sit for about 5-10 minutes, open prime 95 with HWmonitor still running and start prime 95, let that run on stock settings (just hit go). keep it running for about 15-20 minutes, after that you can stop it, HWmonitor will mention temps, write them down and post them here, just the CPUtin and the CORE # temps, minimum and maximum. (note you can stop the test by going into option and hit stop test) (ALSO NOTE, DONT DO ANYTHING WHILE RUNNING THESE TESTS, nothing bad will happen it just tends to make them less accurate)

    After you have all that done run FUrmark while HWmonitor is open (note starting temps of GPU, write it down) let that run for 15-20 minutes then report back here with max GPU temperatures

    (NOTE DONT DO THIS TEST IF YOUR GPU FAN DOESNT WORK, cuz your probably gonna break it... since... they... kinda need to uhm... spin...)

    Sorry for the bad grammar, I got lazy.
  23. Alright Quick update, My video card does not have a fan on it *my old one does* but for some reason this one seems to run better then my old one... don't really know why.... any sugestions on a video card i could get that might make these problems go away with minimal effort *ie: adding power supply's ext ext ext..* my mobo is listed above along with the actuall computer I got if that helps any.
  24. Oh Yay! I think the disabling all other audio devices except speakers might of fixed my random lag spike issue i tried doing that then i logged on and for 30min straight of testing No spike no sound reset! =D tyvm I think that might of solved that issue =) now just the one with what video card my mobo can support to give me better performance. ty both for all your help so far and ty to anyone else that lends me a reply or 2 =D
  25. :) glad you got part of it fixed, lets see here... first we need what your power supply says, we need to know that there will be no problems running a higher end card (most times power supplys that companies put in is JUST enough to drive the current system and doesn't allow for upgrades)

    To do this you just take off the side panel of the case, there are screws in the back holding the 2 pieces of metal together, now either at the bottom or the top corner there should be a box with wires coming out of it, can you tell us the brand/make and model of the power supply? (also don't do this with it turned on, nothing will happen if it is turned on im just saying it might not be a good idea :) )

    Also we need your monitor resolution, to do this go to your desktop. right click, hit "Screen Resolution" then tell us your recommended resolution (which it should already be at if its not already select it from the drop down box)
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