White usb 3.0 case dilemma

Im currently building an atx rig and im looking for a case that can house two 5.25 drives (blu-ray rw and dvd rw) and two 3.5 drives(one card reader and one mitron duplus sata ii drive selector) it needs to be white to keep she who shall not be named happy;-) ive looked everywhere for said tower and am coming up whith nothing as id prefer a midi setup ....any comment and suggestions will be greatly appreciated :-) cant find a category fot cases so please move if you wish...thanks again
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  1. this lacks 3.5" drive bays but its probably one of the best white cases out there, if not the best
  2. hey thanks for the links iv gone with the bitfenix shinobi with green led fans, its gonna look awesome ;)
  3. your welcome, could you possibly select a best answer
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