No Monitor Output After Cleaning CPU

I've got a question concerning my self built PC. I'm afraid I might have damaged the CPU (intel i5 2500k).

Basically, I constructed the machine several months ago, and it has given me no trouble at all whatsoever. Recently however, the CPU was starting to run a little hotter than usual. I ordered a pull fan to add to my heat sink (hyper 212 evo), as up to this point I was only using it with a push. After connecting the fan, the CPU still seemed to be running hot, so I decided to reapply some thermal paste thinking a fresh new coat might solve the issue.

Well, after cleaning the old grease off of the heat sink and CPU, I applied a new small droplet, and reattached all my hardware.

Here's where the issue comes into place. I started the PC, and all the internal fans immediately turned on. All the lights on the motherboard turned on as well. Everything seemed OK for about 10 seconds, and then all the components immediately shut off for about 2 seconds. They started up on their own again, and have run consistently since. Even if I restart the computer, it gives the same results (internal hardware runs for 10 seconds, shuts off for 2 on its own, and starts up again on its own without stopping). Unfortunately, I'm getting absolutely zero output from my monitor. The BIOS isn't appearing on screen at all. I tried connecting my PC to a different monitor, and I'm getting the same result. Completely black screen. Keep in mind, everything else looks like it's running fine hardware wise (optical drive opens and closes without any issue, LEDs are all lit, etc.).

So, in conclusion, I'm a little concerned that I might have damaged the CPU, and it's causing this issue. Suggestions on a solution?
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  1. This is what happened when my mobo broke, but that doesn't make sense. does the bios screen come up?
  2. Quick notice. I've solved the problem. It was a rather embarrassing solution, so I'll forgo going into details haha.
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