I am upgrading my computer again. the choice is to get a second gpu and new psu, plus a new cpu heatsink. OR i can just get a new heatsink, more ram, a faster harddrive and maybe an ssd for way cheaper. The new gpu if i got one would be a 7950 to crossfire with the one i have now. I am running 6088x1080 in eyefinity and i am quite pleased with performance. please help because i dont want to spend alot of money if i dont have to. The second option is way cheaper also. The GPU i have now is powerful and OC'ed.
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  1. Current spec of entire rig? Please and thank you
  2. i5-2500k @ 3.3 Ghz
    8 gb G. Skill Ripjaws 1600 DDR3 Ram
    Biostar TZ77B Mobo
    MSI Twin Frozer II 7950 @ 1100/1575
    WD Caviar Blue 500 Gb 7200 rpm HDD
    HEC Zephyr 750 watt PSU
    LG Optical Drive
  3. You could always upgrade to a i5 3570, if your only gaming 8GB of ram is good enough
  4. An SSD is the best performance upgrade for general computing, but it won't help with gaming framerates. It's not clear what you want to improve since you say your performance is good. Upgrade from 2500 to 3570 would make almost no difference.
  5. You already have fairly powerful hardware, so upgrading to a 3570k or HD7970/GTX670 wont give all that much of a performance boost. Same situation with the RAM.

    Definetly get a heatsink and an SSD. That will mean you can leverage more performance from the CPU through overclocking and an SSD is the easiest way to make a computer faster.
  6. The reason i would need to get another gpu for crossfire is so when the new gen of graphically intensive games ushers in, im ready
  7. I dont think it will be that soon, I myself is looking for either a new video card (even though i bought my 560 Ti a month ago) or even go SLI but i need money to do that, I could SLI my 560 TI but they are power hogs
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