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Hi Everyone,

I am looking at getting a Internal Capcard so I can stream from my PS3.. the card I am looking at is a PCI card and currently 1 of my PCI slots is being covered by my video card.. The other PCI slot is taken up by my soundcard.. Am I able to put my video card in the PICe slot 2 and leave 1 empty so I don't cover my PCI slot??

If not or if it slows it down, what other option do I have apart from purchasing an external cap card which I really don't want to do...

My Motherboard is Gigabyte GA-990FXA-D3 Motherboard
My Videocard is Gigabyte Radeon HD6870 Overclocked Edition

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    Since you have a 990FX board that should work both slots are X16!
  2. You have only 1 PCI slot, all the rest are PCIE slots with different speeds. The first PCIE 2.0 slots are rated @ X16 you should put your card in any of them.

    The other PCIE 2.0 slots are rated @ X4 which you shouldn't put your HD 6870 in any of them.
  3. So who is right here... I am now just confused
  4. What he is saying is that you only have 1 PCI slot. The card can either be in PCIe X16 #1 or 2 slot. The slot I think is covered currently is the PCIe x1 slot
  5. its currently in PCIEX16_1 and covering the PCIEX1_2 Slot which I would like to use.. If that makes sense
  6. Sorry I think I am confusing everyone, I only require the smaller x1 slots for the capcard..
  7. So it's PCIE X1 slot not a PCI slot.

    So you'll put your Video card in the PCIE_2_X16...look at the picture.
  8. Yes sorry, I get confused with what is what... The image below will explain it better, my 1st X1 slot is taken and I require the 2nd.. the red rectangle is where my video card currently sits, above the slot. Well its much larger but you get the idea

  9. Yes just move it over to the #2 X16 slot!
  10. Thanks, Appreciate the help. Just wanted to really make sure because the capcard isnt cheap at all and if i got it and wasn't able to put it in.... I would flip my desk...

    Once again thank you all and sorry for the confusion
  11. I just told you, move your Video card to the slot named PCIE16_2, it will cover the PCIEX4_2 and your required PCIE X1 slot will be free.
  12. Just to make sure it is the third slot from the CPU!
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