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Sata HDD not detected after updating drivers.

December 9, 2012 4:39:38 AM

Hey, community.

My specs right off the bat.

Case and mobo: emachines from back in 2009, old and not exactly top of the line.
PSU: cooler master 600w non-modular
Proc: AMD Athlon II
GPU: Radeon HD 4850
Ram: stock 6gb ram, two 2 and two 1s

So I was on here a while back about trying to save my old hdd, and I eventually gave up on it.

Now my temporary hdd is giving me issues.

I got some old 80gb seagate barracuda 7200.9 from work and cleared and restored it with an old gateway disc.

I proceeded to set up xp for use until I could afford a nice 2tb and win 8

It booted up fine, I installed a few drivers and setup Internet. I thought to myself that, for once, things may be easy.

They got difficult. :p 

I had a driver to install, a sb Audigy se and I had to restart to get my sound working (I use a pci sound card.) so while it was off I decided to plug in my radeon GPU to my mobo, since that had not been done yet.

As soon as I start back up, my bios tells me to plug in something to boot with. From that point, this is what I have tried:

Reset CMOS
Change SATA cables
Resetting PSU in several physical ways
Unplugging all of my cards and such and running a raw boot.
Going into bios and changing boot order

But still nothing.

Is there something I'm not trying, or anything I can do at this point?

Thanks for all advice, and I look forward to hearing from the community on what I might or might not be able to do. :p