Asus gtx 670 top hdmi signal issue

Hi all,

I just finished building a new machine and everything was working fine. I received my asus DUI top gtx 670 today and installed it. When the monitor is plugged into the video card via hdmi cable it shows no signal. I tried using the DVD cable and the monitor recognized the output. Does anyone have any idea what the issue is? Previously I had the monitor plugged in to the hdmi on the mobo and everything worked so I know ts not the monitor or the cable. Any help would be extremely appreciated!
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  1. Have you updated your drivers? Have you tried the other display ports? It's to make sure that your other display ports are working and is not affected by the HDMI port.
  2. Well it actually looks like the card is not being recognized at all. I get no display when hdmi is plugged in. And when I plug in dvi, the system boots up but the hardware is not being recognized. This is a new set up so I have not had other video cards to try. But does anyone know what I can try or is it simply either the gtx 670 is bad or the pci slot on the mono is, one or the other??
  3. Whether or not the card is being recognized, have you updated or installed your graphics drivers from Nvidia?
  4. No I have not I will try to install them now
  5. Ok I've installed the drivers and the card is being recognized but when I switch out the DVi and try the hdmi, my monitor still shows no signal. The hdmi cable worked with the motherboard so I know it's not the cable or monitor. Isn't possible the video card has a faulty hdmi socket? My monitor is asus vs229h-p
  6. Yes it could possibly be faulty. So I'd suggest a RMA.
  7. Well that's a drag. Anybody else know of this issue or have any ideas? Could it have something to with HDCP or the PCIE generation?

    I guess I have the natural reaction to not have to go through the whole RMA process.
  8. One last thing you can try is the Beta drivers for Nvidia, see they work at all for your card.
  9. Well the card itself is working with the current drivers, it is being recognized by the computer, and is currently displaying via DVI port. It is when I connect with an HDMI cable that the monitor loses signal and nothing is displayed. The computer seems to boot up fully but the screen never turns on.

    Could it have anything to do with my RAM? I have not run MemTest, but I have tested the rest of the machine for the most part including the gtx 670 via DVI.
  10. You can try a memtest, but if not, the HDMI port may be faulty.
  11. fantastik, thanks for all your suggestions. At this point, the memory checks out and there are no beta drivers. I think its likely the HDMI port.

    Is there anything I should be changing in BIOS to disable the intel HD graphics? Maybe that is causing the issue. I don't think so though because it recognized the gpu.
  12. There is an option to change the primay display in the BIOS. It may say, pci or pcie, and etc.

    Or If you uninstall the card it will automatically bring up the Intel graphics. Then you cam go to device manager, display adapters, and disable the Intel graphics. And reintsall the card to see if there is interference.
  13. Should i have uninstalled the intel hd graphics drivers before installing the gtx670?
  14. No, there would be no point in uninstalling intel HD graphics. It's there just in case your actual video card messes up.
  15. Bought to wrap it up for RMA. Any other ideas? Last minute hail mary from anyone? I can't help but feel like its something I haven't done/did wrong. The sound comes through and the card/computer are obviously working but the screen just never picks up the signal.
  16. Hmm I assume that because it worked from the mobo its not this, but with my VS248 HDMI wasnt coming up and I had to cycle to it using the input connection. Cycle through with the button.

    Either way hope you've got it sorted by now.
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