Intel i3-3240 Bluray?

I am currently picking parts that I might use for an HTPC for my living room. I have a 42" 1080p television that i would like to play bluray movies, use email, surf the web and maybe play a few games like Battlefield 3 on medium settings. I have a gtx 550 ti that my brother doesnt want anymore that i will be using for the graphics card. My question is, will an i3-3240 do well with bluray coupled with a gtx 550 ti? I have been reading that dual cores struggle with bluray decoding or something and i am not sure if hyper threading helps or the high clocks are way higher than recommended specs.... And would any recommend getting a cheap i5 with a cheaper motherboard than an i3?
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  1. Modern computers are generally far more powerful than what they are needed for. Laptops with i3's ship with blurays. Go for it. You can always get annoyed and upgrade later.

    It's an HTPC rig, you don't need much at all.

    Just take a look at this little guy.

    It's not much better than a cell phone and it has a bluray.
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